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Week Beginning 11th September

WOW! What a busy week we have had in Year 2! We kicked off the week with our first swimming lesson and we were an absolute credit to Year 2! We celebrated Roald Dahl Day on Wednesday and designed and made chocolates and golden tickets! We've started our work on place value in Maths and have been practicing our fluency, reasoning and problem solving! We're continuing to label and write captions in English, this week we've been using adjectives and because to make our writing better! In Topic we have learnt about the Plague, located London on a map of the U.K and started reading about the Great Fire of London! In RE we've been writing our own morning prayers and psalms and thinking about why Christians pray in the morning.

A jam packed first full week back in Year 2, let's see what next week brings!


Week beginning 18th September

We have had another very busy week this week! We started the week with our weekly Swimming lesson and Miss Bishop was so impressed with our behaviour and effort levels! In English we have been using adjectives to make our writing even better. We have also learnt how to use a comma in a list. In Maths we are continuing our work on Place Value and have looked at how we can represent numbers using dienes and pictures and how we can put numbers onto a number line to count and order them! In Topic we did some comparative writing, comparing London in 1666 to London now. We have written our own class Psalms and Liturgys in RE this week too. We had a DT Morning on Tuesday Morning with Mr Fisher's class and painted our cardboard boxes to look like the houses in the Great Fire of London in 1666 (see pictures below)! We will be taking these and burning them as part of our WOW day on Thursday 5th October!


Week beginning 25th September 2017

This week we have finished the work on our 'Labels, Lists and Captions' topic in English. We have created 'All about Me' booklets with lots of information about who we are, our families, friends, pets and favourite colours/sports/foods! We have used lots of adjectives, conjunctions, capital letters for proper nouns and some of us have used a comma in a list! We have also finished our 'Belongings' topic in RE, we had our Respond session on Friday! We enjoyed a biscuit and drink which represented the body and blood of Christ, reflected by colouring a picture of Creation and thought about how we could carry the message of prayer and love forward. In Maths we have looked at putting numbers on a number line and how we can partition numbers using the whole-part-whole model into tens and ones. The children were very pleased that Miss Cooper was back this week and have created the basis of a scratch art picture. In Topic we considered Why did the fire spread so quickly? and sorted statements into our own ideas of importance. We have been swimming this week too and are all making lots of progress, it's lovely to see the children enjoying it so much & in gymnastics we were practicing our forward rolls. What a busy week we've had!

There's lots of exciting things to look forward to next week including: making sandwiches and our WOW day on Thursday!


Week beginning 2nd October 2017

We had our WOW Day the Fire Station this week and it was fantastic! We watched our houses burn, had a tour of the station, looked around a fire engine and saw a hose work! Thank you Fireman Matt and Fireman Mike! This week we have started our brand new English topic instructions! We have looked at the main features of instruction texts and labelled them applying what we learnt in our last topic! We have also made cheese and cucumber sandwiches (see the photos) to help us to write our first set of instructions! We have also started our 'Signs and Symbols' topic in RE, we had our Explore session on Friday and looked at Catholic and Non-Catholic symbols and their meanings! In Maths we have looked at using the part-part-whole model to partition numbers in different ways, which we have started to write addition sentences for. The children have created a scratch art Great Fire of London picture (see the photos). In Topic we considered How did people escape? How did the people feel? and watched videos to help us learn about this. In gymnastics we have started to put movements together for a sequence! Yet another busy week in Year 2!

There's lots of exciting things to look forward to next week including: making biscuits & class assembly practice!


Week beginning 9th October 2017

In English we have made biscuits this week to help us with our instruction writing. We have spent our week writing the instructions and making sure all of the features are in them. In Maths, we have ordered numbers and looked at < ,> and =. We have mastered it! In RE we began our 'Signs and Sybols' topic and have looked at the symbols of Baptism and who attends a Baptism. We have had another busy week in Year 2! We have also been practicing for our class Assembly which is on Friday 20th October and in Art with Miss Cooper we have made hats to wear!


Week beginning 16th October

We have made it to half term after a busy 7 weeks in Year 2! This week we have finished our biscuit instructions and have written up our first big write, our progress is amazing! We have also turned our instructions into recipe books to bring home! In Maths, we have continued looking at <, > and = with regard to problem and solving and reasoning, it's been tricky but we kept trying! In RE we continued to look at the Sacrament of Baptism and have learnt all about the ceremony and symbols. We had an exciting Topic lesson where we explored the life of Samuel Pepys, it was great fun! We used a listening station, photographs, research station, his diary, an interactive game and books to find this information out. In Art we did a whole class big art (see pictures below), it was lots of fun! It was also our class assembly, we performed superbly and all made Miss Bishop and Mrs Crenol very proud!

Have a lovely half-term holiday (no homework this week!) and I look forward to seeing you back ready for a busy half term leading up to Christmas!


Week beginning 30th October

We have had a busy first week back in Year 2 this week! In English we have started our work on 'Information Texts' and have learnt all about the differences between fiction and non-fiction. We have also labelled the features of a non-fiction text and used actions to help us remember them! In Maths we had been comparing numbers and problem solving, estimating and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s! We ended our 'Signs and Symbols' Topic in RE by taking part in a Respond worship session, see below for our photo. In Topic we learnt all about Guy Fawkes and have made brusho firework pictures, blow paint firework pictures and toilet roll Guy Fawkes!

Next week we have swimming on Monday and our trip to see the Carnival Floats! It's INSET day on Tuesday too so no children in school!


Week beginning 6th November

Another busy and exciting week in Year 2 this week! In English we have been looking at using possessive apostrophes, expanded noun phrases and writing questions- we have worked very hard and understood this all well, I look forward to seeing these skills used in our writing next week! ! In Maths we have been counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s! Miss Bishop was very impressed with our counting in 3s, we will continue to practice this to master it. We have now finished our Place Value Topic and will be moving on to Addition and Subtraction next week! In RE we have been learning about Shabbat a Jewish holiday that is celebrated every week from Friday evening to Saturday evening, we have looked at preparations, blessings and how Shabbat ends. In Topic we went on a trip to see the Carnival Floats on Monday, we were a credit to Year 2 and asked lots of questions and were very inquisitive! We tried on costumes, helped to paint and watched a carnival float light up and move!

Next week we have swimming on Monday and begin practicing for our Nativity!


Week beginning 13th November

In English this week we have been writing up our Information Texts and applying everything we have learnt so far! They are very informative and we look forward to writing them up properly next week! In Maths we have been recapping our number bonds to 20, we have found this tricky despite learning them in Year 1. There is a maths game on the link below that you can play to practice these. ! In RE we have been thinking about Preparing and all of the things we do in the busy run-up to Christmas! In Topic/ICT we have created powerpoints about Guy Fawkes with Mrs Bryant. We have been busy practicing our Nativity songs and words!

Next week we have our last swimming on Monday, will be busy practicing for our Nativity & have a production of Sleeping Beauty coming into School!


Week beginning 20th November

In English this week we have been Hot Writing our Information texts, see our fantastic work below in the photos! We have also started our new topic 'recounts' and have been learning all about the features of a newspaper! In Maths we have been looking at comparing addition and subtraction number sentences, making 100 by using what we know about number bonds to 10 & have been writing +/- number sentences. In RE we have been thinking about the advent wreath and looking at the meanings of the candles. We have also had a cross-curricular RE/Art lesson with Miss Cooper and made the Angel Gabriel and Mary (see below)! We watched Sleeping Beauty on Thursday, a pantomime by M&M Productions, it was fantastic! The stage is now up in the hall and we have been busy practicing our Nativity songs and words!

Next week will be busy practicing for our Nativity before our performances on the 5th and 6th of December!


Week beginning 27th November

This week in English we have been writing in the past tense, writing exclamation sentences and acting out and recording the events of the Gunpowder Plot! Next week, we will be writing a newspaper report all about it. In Maths we have been have been writing +/- number sentences, looking at number bonds to 100 and using known facts to problem solve and reason. We have looked at the special story of the Annunciation in RE and have retold this. We have also had a cross-curricular RE/Art lesson with Miss Cooper and have started to make our stable Christmas Cards! We have been extremely busy rehearsing for our Nativity production 'A Cock-a-doodle Christmas' which we can't wait to perform next week!

Next week will be performing our Nativity on Tuesday the 5th and Wednesday the 6th of December!


Week beginning 4th December

WOW! What amazing Nativity Performances we put on! smiley We read beautifully, sang amazingly and the musicians were exactly on the beat! Miss Bishop is extremely proud of us all this week. After the performance we had a visit from Tinkerbell! She left us all a chocolate coin and a letter of congratulations!

In English this week we have been using conjunctions and also hot writing our newspaper reports, they really are fantastic! In Maths we have started adding 2-digit and 1-digit numbers together and crossing over ten. We have been using resources as well mental calculations! In RE we have looked at 'The Visitation' when Mary and Elizabeth met after the Angel Gabriel told Mary about them both expecting babies. We have also looked at the nativity story where Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem and stayed in the stable where Jesus was born. In Art we have finished off our artistic 'manger scene' Christmas cards!

Next week we have some Christmas Activities to look forward to as well as our Cinema Trip on Wednesday 13th November. We will be watching 'The Star' in the afternoon.


Week beginning 11th December

In English this week we have written our letters to Father Christmas! Miss Bishop has photocopied them and has sent them off, we are hoping for a reply! In Maths we have been continuing our addition work, we have started to understand and use the concept of column addition too! In RE we have finished off and had our Respond session for our topic Preparations. We have thoroughly enjoyed this topic! In Art we have created laminated cards, they look fantastic!

We have been to the cinema this week and watched 'The Star' a great time was had by all, we were even treated to an ice-cream! We have also started our Christmas crafts and have made salt-dough decorations, bauble snowmen & reindeer food and we have sewn stockings! Next week we have more Christmas craft and fun to look forward to as well as our Christmas party on Wednesday!


Week beginning 19th December

Wow! We've made it to the end of a busy 8 week term! We have had a more relaxed week this week and have created lots of Christmas crafts! We have made cards by cleverly folding paper, potato printed wrapping paper, made gift tags, painted our salt-dough and made 'Christmas Pudding' mini-cakes! We have also enjoyed popcorn in our very own classroom cinema!

We have an exciting 5 week term planned next term and will be going on our WOW Day!

Have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!