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Activities for the last week

Well done! You've made it to the last week! laugh


As we would be doing fun activities in school this week feel free to pick something to do from the selection, you might even re-visit some of the Greatwood activities.  If you want to do some English you can keep a diary of the activities that you complete and your feelings about them.  Your transition booklet for year 6 is also here if you haven't completed it yet. Don't forget the Virtual Sports Day and see the colouring activity on the main page to be used for a display by the town council.



The Summer Mystery of the Burgled Bangers Maths Game. Read through the instructions and then try the activities to solve the mystery!

English Escape the Room Game. Work through the PowerPoint and follow the instructions to solve the puzzles. All the clues and answers are there on the individual sheets to help you as well. Good Luck!

Quick Mental Maths-time yourself and see how long the questions take!

Arithmetic Work-if you still want to practise your calculation skills here's more for you to have a go at!