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LO - I can study writing similar to that which I a going to write, I can analyse a character.

This half term our topic is Groovy Greeks, we are going to be studying the Ancienct Greeks and with this in mind we will be reading and writing our own Greek Myths for English.  Myths are very ancient stories that have been handed down (over 4000 years) by being TOLD not by being written.  A myth it tends to be about heroes, gods and creatures – i.e. things that may not exist - and usually has some sort of journey or quest.

Your task

Read through the story of Theseus and the Minotaur.  Draw a big picture of Theseus (you can look up some on the internet - with your parents - to copy if you like).  Around the picture write as many different words and phrases as you can which describe the type of person Theseus is.