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LO: I can use variety of sentence structures to write the beginning of my story.


After all our hard work with description last week, we are now going to put it all together to write our Greek Myth. The beginning of the story is where we need to firstly think of a story starter. Look at the other myths you have read and see how they all start to give you an idea.

Then you are introducing the setting and the first character (King or Queen – person of power) that sends the hero off to their adventure.


Once you have written this which will be one or two paragraphs you need to edit it. So using a different colour pen (doesn’t have to be green) go through spellings and punctuation. Remember as long as you identify it is wrong you can use different ways to find the correct spelling. You could use Alexa, dictionary (book or online) or your grown-ups.


Then check through your sentence structures to make sure you have subordinate clauses, compound sentences and fronted adverbials. 


Writing the beginning of the Greek Myth

Still image for this video
Talking through sentence structure within the beginning of the myth.