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LO: I can write the build-up using descriptive writing.

Today we are going to write the build-up. In this paragraph, you write about why the King/Queen has sent the hero on the adventure. What is the adventure? Why is it important? Why is the hero the person for the job? Put your description of the hero in here.


We are thinking of descriptive writing in this paragraph – using descriptive tools to describe the hero. Think about using adjectives, alliteration, and similes to describe the hero. Imagine we need to picture what he looks like even though we won’t have a picture of them.


Once you have written this which will be one or two paragraphs you need to edit it. So using a different colour pen (doesn’t have to be green) go through spellings and punctuation. Remember as long as you identify it is wrong you can use different ways to find the correct spelling. You could use Alexa, dictionary (book or online) or your grown-ups.

Then check through your descriptive writing and make sure you have used different descriptive tools – similes, adjectives, alliteration.