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LO: I can write the problem with a conversation using direct speech.


Today we are now writing the problem. What does the hero need to do to be successful in his adventure? What does he have to overcome? What mythical creature does he need to battle?

Then we need to put in our conversation we wrote between the hero and the god. How is the god going to help the hero overcome the mythical creature?


Once you have written this which will be one or two paragraphs you need to edit it. So using a different colour pen (doesn’t have to be green) go through spellings and punctuation. Remember as long as you identify it is wrong you can use different ways to find the correct spelling. You could use Alexa, dictionary (book or online) or your grown-ups.


Then check through your conversation that you have used inverted commas correctly and the punctuation rules that go with this. I will attach the list of rules to help you with this.   

Rules for direct speech.

Editing video

Still image for this video
This is a video - going through how to edit our work!