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LO: I can write the ending varying sentence structure.


Finally, at the end of your hard work of writing you need to write an ending. What happens at the end when the hero and god go back? Is everyone happy? Is everyone now safe? Do they have a party to celebrate? How does this battle affect the rest of their lives?

What happens to the hero?


Once you have written this which will be one or two paragraphs you need to edit it. So using a different colour pen (doesn’t have to be green) go through spellings and punctuation. Remember as long as you identify it is wrong you can use different ways to find the correct spelling. You could use Alexa, dictionary (book or online) or your grown-ups.


Then check through the sentences you have used. Do you have a subordinate clause using conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs, compound sentences, fronted adverbials and simple sentences?