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LO: I can use conjunctions in my writing.

So now you have completed the Greek Myths we have a week to recap some of the sentence level work before starting something new.

I would like you to watch the literacy shed video called taking flight. You need to watch this and then chose one of the adventures to write about. You are going to write sentences that have conjunctions in – either in the middle of the sentence or at the beginning as a fronted adverbial. Remember if you use the conjunction as a fronted adverbial you need to put a comma at the end of the clause.


The boy was sad when his dad dropped him to his granddad's house.

When his dad dropped him at his granddad's house, the boy was sad.


Challenge 1 – I can write sentences using conjunctions in the middle of my sentence.

Challenge 2 – I can write sentences using conjunctions as a fronted adverbial.

Challenge 3 – I can vary my sentences using conjunctions in the middle and as fronted adverbials.

Using conjunctions in your writing.

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