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LO: I can use adverbs in my writing. 

Today we are going to choose another taking flight adventure and this time focus on adverbs in our writing. Now, we know adverbs can go in the sentence in more places to make and make sense. Before you start think of some adverbs that will work for the adventure you are writing about today.

Then play with the a little and see where they sound best in the sentence. It could be as a fronted adverbial or in the middle of the sentence. Remember adverbs end in ly and if they are at the beginning as a fronted adverbial there is a comma after the adverb.


Quickly, the boat rushed through the water.

The boat rushed quickly through the water.

The boat rushed through the water quickly.


Challenge 1 – I can write sentences using adverbs in my sentence.

Challenge 2 – I can write sentences using adverbs as a fronted adverbial.

Challenge 3 – I can vary my sentences using adverbs in the middle and as fronted adverbials.

Using adverbs in your writing

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