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LO: I can understand the spelling rules for using suffixes.


Today we will look into how we spell using the suffixes. Similar to when we use ly as a suffix there are rules we need to follow when adding them.

Follow the power point to teach you the rules and then there are two tasks to complete to help you practise using the rules.


Rule One

If you are adding a suffix to a words that ends in a silent ‘e’, the word loses the silent ‘e’ when the suffix is added E.g. nice + es = bikes.


Rule Two

If you add a suffix that begins with a vowel to a word:

  • that ends with one vowel and a consonant- e.g. begin
  • that has more than one syllable - e.g. be-gin
  • where the last syllable of the word is stressed – e.g. begin


The final consonant is doubled before the vowel suffix is added.


e.g. Begin

- Beginning,

- Beginner