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As we are moving toward the end of term Y3 and Y4 are going to work together to revise some of the things that we all have to learn.  Mrs Orledge will organise the English work and Miss Course the maths work so you might hear either of us on the videos.  As the work is designed for both year groups there will be 3 levels of challenge.  Y3s should choose either level 1 or 2 (unless you feel like challenging yourself). 


I know some of you will be disappointed to not complete Esio Trot, if you would like to write the story please carry on with this and send it in. Do the beginning Monday, build-up Tuesday, problem Wednesday, trick plan Thursday and the ending on Friday. We have done this many times in school so go for it. Think about the sentences you are using in your work. You do not need to do both, choose either to write your story or do the work set on the website this week. 


LO – I can use full stops and capital letters correctly.


Today we are going to hear the story of ‘The mice who ate iron’ which is a traditional Indian tale.  We will base our work on this story this week.  Listen to the story then choose the level of challenge you’d like to go for.  Year 4s should aim for challenge 1 or 2 (unless you would like to challenge yourself).  The worksheets have the instructions on them.

Can you work out how each man tricked the other?


(There is a sheet with the story on it at the bottom of the page if you’d like to read it yourself.)



The mice that ate iron