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Environments of the World (w/b 06/07)

Watch the videos below all about different environments you find in the world. Take one of these environments or one of the places that are part of your English lessons for the week and make a fact file.


So, for example, if you wanted to research ocean or sea environments, you might choose one ocean or find information about all the oceans in the world.


If you wanted to find out about mountains, you may just find out about Mount Everest or decide to look at all the mountains in the UK. You decide what environment you would like to research.


 The fact file should include:

  • As many different facts as you can find, eg, How much of the earth do the oceans and seas cover? How deep is the Pacific Ocean?  How tall is Mount Everest? How many people visit Mount Everest every year? 
  • Pictures, drawings or photos of the place or places
  • Is the environment in danger from anything, eg, pollution or climate change.
  • What Physical and Human Geography features can you find in the environment (look back at the previous lesson w/b the 22/06 to remind yourselves what Physical and Human Geography are)
  • What animals, plants, wildlife can be found there.

Different Environments - Part 1

Environments of the World Part 1

Different Environments - Part 2, Tundra, Polar Regions, Grasslands, Wetlands, Deserts