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'GREATWOOD AT HOME' activities pack

'Greatwood at  home'

As we should have been at Greatwood this week we would like you to have some fun, relax and maybe enjoy some new experiences as you would if you were on camp!


You will find lots of  ideas for activities below, why not try out as many as you can (or even plan your own)?  If someone is free to take you, organise some days out and about and enjoy nature as we would at Greatwood or explore your garden or local environment.  Make this a week of enjoyable experiences and challenges for yourself.


Maths and English activities have been provided but these are only if you wish to do them this week - you do not have to - the emphasis this week is on growing in experience as a person and having fun!  laugh


We would love to see pictures of you out there enjoying yourselves so do send them in (with your parent's permission) and we can put them on this page to share!  laugh


Have a great week!