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The ducklings have gone home with Mrs Mills and Alice for the Easter holiday. Keep watching for updates!
Picture 1 Into the sink whilst we're being cleaned out
Picture 2 What's this shiny silver thing?
Picture 3 Much nicer in the shower tray
Picture 4 Easter breakfast
Picture 5 Oh no! I can't touch the floor here!
Picture 6 Another shiny thing!
Picture 7 1st bath... not sure what we're supposed to do now
Picture 8 ..... let's move around a bit
Picture 9 How did you get up there?
Picture 10 just paddling
Picture 11 Look at our lovely yellow tummies
Picture 12 .. having a helping hand
Picture 13 That's what these wing things are for!
Picture 14 Time for an Easter preen.
Picture 15 trying out my 'water wings'!
Picture 16 we're off now..
Picture 17 I'm not washing - I'm on holiday!
Picture 18 Another bath? I suppose it is Easter! What's this?
Picture 19 Who's going to jump first?