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Week Beginning 22/06 LO- I can understand how the circulatory system works.

You may have already watched a video about the Circulatory System and how the Heart works.


Today I would like you to click on the link below and watch some of these videos again, together with some new ones. The YouTube video talks about the digestive system because blood takes the nutrients from food to all parts of the body.


Using the information you've seen design a fact sheet, poster or online presentation to explain what and how the circulatory system works. Be as creative as you can.


Remember to include all the main points you've learnt using key vocabulary: veins, arteries, heart, blood.

Some key questions that may help:

What does the blood do? What's the difference between red and white blood cells? What are blood vessels? What does the heart do? What does the blood take around your body? Why is it called 'circulatory'? (Hint think of circles)  


Also think about any punctuation and grammar that you may have been learning about or have used in the past, for example: headings; sub-headings; bullet points and labelled drawings, pictures or photos.


Please send the completed ones in-it would be great to see what you come up with!

Transporting Nutrients and Water

Use this video to add extra information about what the Circulatory System Transports around your body.

Circulatory System Helpsheet