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LO: I can understand what the whole of a fraction is. 


If you found the unit fraction lesson a challenge yesterday then please chose the activity which gives you more practise of this. 


If you understood this, then move onto 'understanding the whole'


I have done 3 videos today (getting a little quicker with them now smiley

The first video is a recap of fractions and what the numerator and denominators are.

The second video is talking through understanding the whole and the third shows how you can do this practically. 


For the activity today, chose either the unit fractions work, the practical understanding the whole activity or the worksheet on understanding the whole. Enjoy! 

Making the whole - worksheet

Recap on Fractions

Still image for this video
This is a fraction recap from learning in year 2. This covers what a fraction is and what the numerator and denominator mean.

Making the Whole

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This is a video that explains making the whole of the fraction - what this looks like and how it can be represented.

Making the whole - practical

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This video shows making the whole in a practical way.