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LO: I can understand what a decimal is.


Today we move onto looking at decimals. I know this will make you panic but this is the same as dividing the whole into tens.

There is a teaching video clip to watch on White Rose that goes through decimals step by step. Watch this and follow along with it, you will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

I have then attached the activity that goes along with the teaching video. You can then use the video to go back through points you are unsure of.


Parents: This is only one session on decimals to go alongside tenths. They will continue this is year 4 so do not panic, if they understand it from the video and activity then great but if they do not we will cover this again in school in a practical way.


Important information 


Thank you for letting me know that the link doesn't take you to the specific learning video I wanted you to use. I am really sorry about this. 

If you follow the link and then select Week 1 (pink tab either at the top or the bottom) then go to Lesson 5 it should be the decimals work. 


Please let know if you have any other issues and again so sorry!