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LO: I can recognise equivalent fractions with small denominators.


Today we are looking at this on a number line as a tool and another way of looking at equivalent fractions. You can use the strip of paper or the practical resources alongside the number line to help you. I would encourage you to do this even if you feel you’ve got it as it will put it all together visually for you.

Look at the number line and remember it is a fraction so the number line will be between 0 and 1 and will be divided into the denominator.


**I know we are a little anxious about number lines but follow the steps and you will be fine. It is the same just with lines and not paper folding!**

Equivalent Fractions

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Equivalent fractions with a number line. I talk through the two activities and give examples.

Equivalent Fractions Task 2

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If you have achieved task 1, give task 2 a try.