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LO: I can answer questions for fractions.


Today you have a PowerPoint to go through with different questions linked to the learning we have done in fractions over the last 2 weeks. This is to help you remember your learning and answer questions to see if you can apply your knowledge.

On the PowerPoint, the answers are given. If you go to slideshow on the top bar, click from the beginning this will give it to you as a presentation and then once you have worked out the answer you can click and the answer will show up and you can check you are right. I am trusting you to be honest and give the challenge a good go. You have some for today and some tomorrow in the same format. Please do slides 1-3 today and 4-6 on Tuesday.

For home learners without the internet, I have printed the slides for you and will put the answers on another print out.

Top Tips

  • Underline the important information to help you focus on what it is asking of you.
  • Bar model or use pizza to draw out the fractions.
  • For equivalent fractions use the number line or equivalent fraction walls to help you

Decimals from Flashback 4 - Recap

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