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LO: I can answer questions linked to fractions.


Today I am asking the children to do an end of block assessment. We do these in school when we complete a unit. I go through the questions, reading them aloud to them but they complete them independently. This is to see if they can apply their learning to assessment style questions.

This is not a test and if the children struggle with any question ask them to leave it as it will inform me of what they need to recover or explain. I will also send out an explanation on how they work each one out so they can go through it after.


It would be great to have as many of them sent in to give me an idea of what needs to be covered and taught again. If the children get worried or anxious please reassure them it is the same as what we do in class. If it is too stressful then leave it. I know some of the children do enjoy this part of our maths but I am aware it can also make children feel anxious.

End of Block Quiz

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