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LO: I can show understanding of fractions I have learnt so far in a practical situation.


We also try and do an end of block challenge in school. When we did money we gave the children some money and asked them to buy the pancakes and toppings on Shrove Tuesday. This works really well as it gives the children a real life situation where they will use the skill we have been learning.

I would like you to make something at home. A pizza, fruit salad, cake, and biscuits whatever you would like but this does need to be with an adult. You then need to share it out and show me an equivalent fraction for 1/3 and then take away or add the right amount for your family so each of your family can have a piece of your creation.

E.g. I have made a fruit salad. I have divided it into 9 bowls because my equivalent fraction is 3/9.











I have divided my fruit salad into 9 bowls and I have 3 bowls for my family to eat. 3/9. I need to make sure all my family has a bowl. How many bowls do I need to add so all my family can have some? I have 5 people in my family.

I need to add 2/9 to my bar model so everyone in my family has a bowl of fruit salad. I now have 5/9 so each of my family can have a bowl each.

How many do I have left over? 4/9 - 4 of the 9 bowls.


You are going to make something and then tell the fraction story. This will hopefully be a fun task and will show me your understanding of fractions we have learnt in Year 3.