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LO: I can use column addition with more than one exchange.


Today we are going to move onto two exchanges in the number and how we manage this within a 3 or 4 digit numbers.

Again, use practical or visual resources alongside to help you to begin with to remind you of the process.

Remember when you need to exchange you are not adding or taking away anything to the number you are exchanging between the ones, tens and hundreds. The actual number stays the same. Remember to use the word exchange.


Top tips for column addition

  • Put the HTOs at the top.
  • Make sure you follow down the columns.
  • Always start with the ones column.
  • Use your hundreds, tens and ones pictorial representations to help you.

Column Addition with an exchange

Still image for this video
Amelia and Gracie explain column addition with an exchange for you. We recorded this in the Autumn Term and thought the girls did such a good job that I would use it to remind you of the process - thank you Amelia and Gracie 😀