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Physical v Human Geography (w/b 22nd June)

When learning about different environments, it is important to learn about the two different types of Geography there is: PHYSICAL and HUMAN. Today you will learn about these two different types.


1) Watch the video about Physical and Human Geography-hopefully you'll start to understand the difference.

2) Work through the PowerPoint which should reinforce the difference between the two. This also involves some General Knowledge of places around the world-use the Internet to help you.

3) Finally, there is a task to do-which could be done throughout the week-all about the area that you live in. Come up with a presentation showing your understanding of Physical and Human Geography in Burnham on Sea or the surrounding areas.  

What is geography? - An introduction

A useful introduction to thinking about what geography is and the different types of geography that there are

Work through the PowerPoint all about Human and Physical Geography