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LO – I understand the symbolism of Pentecost

Think about the symbols of Pentecost that we discovered before half term :

The wind around the disciples and the firey colours to represent the fire on the disciples heads and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

People speaking to symbolise the disciples speaking in other languages.

The cross symbolises Jesus dying – if Jesus hadn’t left the world Pentecost would not have happened. 

The dove is to symbolise peace. 

The people holding hands or meeting together show that the disciples began to spread God’s message throughout the World.


Watch the powerpoint and thinking about the symbols of Pentecost listed above, try to answer the questions – you do not need to write these down, maybe have a conversation with someone in your house about them instead. 


Now create your own artwork about Pentecost – you will need to include the symbols in it.  Use the artworks on the powerpoint to help you if you are stuck.