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RE for WC 15th June


LO – I can explain what happens at Vaisakhi and I know how it started.

This week we are learning all about Sikhism and in particular the festival of Vaisakhi.   Please watch the two videos below – the first one is more informative but the second shows you how this festival might be celebrated in Britain so is also worth watching. 

Your task today is to design a poster to explain to others what Vaisakhi is and how it began.  You can use the information from the videos to help you, you can also do further research on the internet if you want to (Make sure that you have your parents’ supervision).  Maybe you’d even like to make you own Vaisakhi flag! J

What is Vaisakhi & What Does it Mean to Sikhs?

Let's Celebrate - Preparing For Vaisakhi