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Reading activity for WC 22nd June

Activity 1

In light of the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ marches you may be interested to learn more about the subject therefore there are a selection of additional reading comprehensions about related subjects in the ‘Extra reading activites’ page.

Activity 2

Alternatively you can choose this second task - this week I’d like you to design a costume for your favourite book character. See if you can make it imaginative and surprising – what special features will it have to make it suitable for your character?  I don’t just want ordinary, everyday clothes!  Label the special features and colour the picture to show any patterns/colours which you think would work.

For example:  Fantastic Mr Fox might want special pockets for the food he steals or hidden ropes and nets to set traps – maybe his clothes can convert into them? He might want to wear camouflage colours so that the farmers don’t see him!  Have fun designing. J