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The Nursery runs a September intake each year and only offers places in January if space is available. There will not be a January intake in 2018. The Nursery accepts children entitled to the universal 15 hours funding a week as well children entitled to the extended 15 hour entitlement for parents working more than 16 hours a week. The Nursery opens from 9.00-3.00pm. We offer full day sessions as well as morning and afternoon sessions.


The Nursery is run by a team of well qualified staff:


Mrs Lovibond-Stephens- Teacher

Mrs Horsey- Nursery Nurse

Mrs Francis- Assistant Level 3

Mrs Fear- Assistant Level 3

Mrs Munro-March- Assistant level 4

Miss Brooks- Assistant level 4

Mrs Painton- Governor volunteer assistant



The ethos of the Nursery is to provide a mixture of child initiated play alongside adult-led activities.


Please remember if you change any contact details to let us know especially mobile numbers. It may worth keeping the School's phone number in your diary or phone incase you get unavoidably held up it is:

01278 784641
If you are held up picking up your child please let us know as soon as possible we will obviously look after them in the Nursery until you arrive. If it is the end of the day and Mrs Lovibond-Stephens has meeting they will be cared for in after school club.



Please look at our weekly plans in the document section below to see the full coverage of each of the areas of learning for each week.

We always plan activities for all the Early Year's areas of learning each week as well as Phonics.

Just a reminder that the areas of learning in the Foundation Stage are;

The Prime Areas: Personal,Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.

The Specific Areas; Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

British Values


The children have been talking about the fruit they have enjoyed the most for snack over the last few weeks. Last Friday the children voted for their favourite fruits which we had for snack.


The children shared their ideas for a new role-play area. We had so many we took a vote. The votes were very close for a Disney café and Fire Station so we made both! The children have helped to locate resources as well as make props.


The children voted for the type of role-play area they wanted. The winning vote was a doctor's surgery and animal rescue center.


We found out about why we wear poppies and made our own poppy memorial in our garden.


We have been learning about, 'Chinese New Year' this week. We have watched several videos showing us how the Chinese celebrate New Year. We have seen the dragon dancing, lantern decorations and fireworks. We also watched a video about the famous race with the animals that signify the different years.


The children have made their own Chinese lanterns decorating them with one of the animals as well as red glitter to signify good luck and gold glitter for wealth and good fortune.


We will also be trying some Chinese food later in the week.


This week we have started work on measure. We have been measuring capacity using water. The children have been working in pairs to predict how many of a small bottle would fill a large bottle.


On our welly week we have been practising our name writing using the chunky chalks on the playground outside.


In PE we are extending our balls skills and moving on to using hockey sticks and foam javelins.


We have had a selection of class stories this week linked to, 'Elmer' the elephant.


We have been continuing to work on 1:1 number recognition activities with the children this week. We have also had an exciting wow event which involved going on a number treasure hunt. Despite the rain the children dressed in waterproofs, hunted for the missing numbers 1-10 then found the golden coin treasure at the end of the hunt in the Forest school. See photos below.


In, 'Write Dance' this week we will be acting out the stories of emotions then drawing appropriate shapes to match these emotions.


We have been looking at and talking about emotions this week as well as reading books about different types of emotions.


This week we have been working on number recognition of the numbers 1-10. We have been playing games, singing songs and reading number books to help us do this. We are working with the children closely on a one to one basis to really understand what their needs are and next steps when looking at numbers.


On our welly walk we counted parts on Mrs Lovibond-Stephens car. We then recorded our results using a tally mark system. See photos below.

We have been getting back into routine this week! The children have been drawing pictures of their favourite Christmas presents and telling us all about them. We have started a Maths focus as well. We have been looking at the numbers 1-10 out of order and have been playing lots of games to help us recognise these numbers.


On our welly walk we have been carrying out a listening walk as part of our phase 1 phonics work. We have displayed the results in the classroom.


In PE we have started a focus on throwing and catching something we are finding great fun! frown


Wow what a performance the children produced yesterday I'm sure you were very proud of them.

We are all very tired today but we have started to decorate wooden decorations with sequins for our trees at home. We have also been on a welly walk to the playground from main school where we created a Christmas scene using chunky chalks to surprise the older children at playtime!


We have been busy practising for our Christmas Show this week. We have moved onto the stage and now know how to use all our props! We have also started to make advent wreaths which has really helped with our fine motor control learning to thread ribbons through holes.


We have spotted many birds outside now the weather is colder eating from our bird feeders. We have put photographs of birds outside to help identify which ones are coming into the garden often. 


We have started our topic about, 'Winter' this week. We have watched the, 'The Snowman and the Snow dog'. We have made a display and role-play area inspired by the film. We have a wonderful igloo in our role-play area for reading in with torches. We have also made some yummy melting Snowmen biscuits see photos below.


Of course we have also spent most of the week practising for our Christmas show!


This week we have finished making our individual carnival floats. We have been starting to look at our new topic, 'Winter'. We watched a film about winter birds and then made bird feeders to ensure the birds in our garden have enough food as weather changes. See photos below.


This week most of us went to the Carnival so we have talked about what we saw and looked at lots of photos of floats. We have started to make individual small 3D floats using cereal boxes.


On our welly walk today we looked for signs of seasonal change. We spotted bare trees, glistening cobwebs and our shadows. See photos below.


We are continuing to work on the, 'Write Dance' program in PE as well as practising songs and actions for our Christmas performance.frown


Our focus this week has been on Fireworks. We have looked at photos of fireworks and talked about the sounds they make. We have also had great fun making large paintings of fireworks by throwing tennis balls covered in paint at sheets of paper on the floor. See photos below.


This morning we used the pom poms to dance like fireworks in PE and yesterday we made large chalk firework pictures on the playground as part of our welly walk.


We have been trying lots of different foods from countries around the world this week. We have tried rice, pop a doms, hot dogs and French pastries. We have also found the counties on the globe.


We have finished making favourite food plates. Everyone has had the opportunity to talk about the foods they enjoy eating and have also made a collage food plate.

On our welly walk we have been on a scavenger hunt looking for leaves, twigs, stones, feathers and a surprise! 


Wow what an amazing day we have had. This morning a rocket crash landed in our Nursery with a puppet called, 'Twinkle' inside. Twinkle was on her way to the North Pole when she ran out of petrol. We had to help re-fuel Twinkle's rocket with shape fuel. We worked really hard to find shapes around our classroom to put in the rocket but also took lots of photos of shapes we found outside to fill the rocket up. After about an hour we managed to fill the rocket and we launched Twinkle into the sky nearly  taking Mrs Horsey with her. We have just received a phone call from Twinkle to say she has made it back to the North Pole and is having a cup of tea with Santa. no



Over the last few weeks we have all been settling in and learning the Nursery routines such as lining up, sharing a story and eating together. Last week we made portraits of ourselves using paint. These are now displayed in our room with our individual targets. This week we are starting to make family trees using photos from home. This is to encourage us to talk to our adult helpers and share memories about special times.


This week we have continued to make Family trees. Today we have been looking for bears on our welly walk linked to the story, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. The children found 9 bears in total. We have also started looking at the globe and other countries particularly Australia. Our volunteer governor, Pat Painton bought in a wonderful Australian glove puppet which we sang the song, '5 in the bed' to.


This week we have been designing our own Christmas cards which will be sent away to be printed in time for Christmas. We have used 2D shapes to help make our snowmen, pudding, reindeer, trees and Santa pictures.


We have continued our theme of 2D shape in other areas as well. We went on a 2D shape hunt, welly walk looking for and photographing shapes in our school environment. See photos below.


We have also been playing with lots of shape matching games and puzzles in our child initiated play.

Picture 1 Washing our dolls
Picture 2 Chinese lanterns
Picture 1 Entering Forest School
Picture 2 Which number have we found?
Picture 3 Nearly at the treasure!
Picture 1 Recording using tally marks.
Picture 2 Counting windows on Mrs Lovibond-Stephens car.
Picture 3 Counting windscreen wipers.
Picture 1 We have been drawing our favourite Christmas gifts
Picture 2 A number recognition game
Picture 1 Yummy melting snowman biscuit
Picture 2 Making Snowmen biscuits
Picture 3 Reading Winter books by torch light in ice house
Picture 1 Our Poppy memorial we made in our garden.
Picture 1
Picture 1 Photographed by the children, 'a bare tree'.
Picture 2 Bark collected from shedding tree.
Picture 3 Seasonal welly walk.
Picture 4 Photo of our shadows in the Winter sun.
Picture 5 A glistening cobweb.
Picture 1 Chalk fireworks on the playgrounds
Picture 2 Throwing tennis balls in paint to create large art
Picture 1 Trying French snack
Picture 2 Yummy French pastries!
Picture 3 Hotdogs from America
Picture 1 Practising drawing skills on a welly walk
Picture 2 Gross motor skills
Picture 3 Winning doctors role-play area
Picture 1 2D shape hunt welly walk
Picture 2 Finding 2D shapes in our school environment
Picture 3 We found a rectangle!
Picture 1
Picture 1 Making large collage shapes to display outside
Picture 1 Parachute songs
Picture 2 Spinning the parachute
Picture 3 Moving to music with poim poms