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Mrs Lovibond-Stephens- Class Teacher

Mrs Lovibond-Stephens- Class Teacher 1 Mrs Lovibond-Stephens Class Teacher





This week  is, Problem Solving Week and we have been working on the problem,

'Do the tallest trees have the biggest leaves?'


The children have been on welly walks looking at the many trees around our School. They discovered it is difficult to answer this question in Spring time as most trees are only starting to bud. However they found leaves on two tall trees and discovered they were actually small leaves. The children have also collected natural objects on their walks and made Forest School Crowns.

Picture 1 Looking up at tall Eucalyptus tree
Picture 2 Investigating leaf sizes
Picture 3 Problem solving week
Picture 4 Thinking about our problem
Picture 5 Do the tallest trees have the biggest leaves?
Picture 6 We made Forest School crowns
Picture 7 Forest crown
Picture 8 Forest crown
Picture 1 World Book Day, reading a book from a local author
Picture 1 Touching ice
Picture 2 The children took photos of a frosty morning
Picture 3 We found the first snowdrops on a welly walk
Picture 1 Investigating the Space Rocket!
Picture 2 Astronaut explorer!
Picture 1 Counting car parts.
Picture 2 Recording number of car parts using tally marks.
Picture 1 We have made melted Snowmen biscuits.
Picture 1 We have timed how long it takes ice to melt
Picture 2 Chalk Snowman
Picture 3 Drawing Winter chalk pictures
Picture 1 The children made a Poppy Day Tribute
Picture 1 Chalk Fireworks
Picture 2 Creating a chalk firework display
Picture 3 Chalk fireworks
Picture 1 Making large firework paintings
Picture 2 Throwing paint balls to make fireworks
Picture 1 17.10.18 Mark making
Picture 2 10.10.18 Symmetry on interactive white board
Picture 1 October 2018 Making shapes in the play dough
Picture 2 October 2018 Selecting and dragging shapes.
Picture 3 Using shapes to create pictures. October 2018
Picture 1 We have been making little versions of ourselves
Picture 2 First achievements at Nursery

British Values




The children have been voting on their favourite cbeebies show this week. 'Bing' was the most popular!


This week we have finalised a set of class rules. After talking about how we think we should behave towards each other and how we should look after our classroom environment inside and outside we have set out our rules and have displayed them in the classroom to remind us.