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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

November 2017

The children have settled in well after half term and are enjoying our new topic 'Beware Beowulf'.  We will be exploring various aspects of Anglo Saxon life and are looking forward to visiting Taunton Museum for a hands on workshop on 14th November.


This term we are beginning to explore the 'Growth Mindset'.  This is an approach that we wish to develop as a whole school in order to make the children more open and resilient learners.  You may hear the children talk about 'The learning pit' - see the attached document for more details - or about choosing their own level of challenge.  Moving away from the traditional method of grouping children and allowing the learners to choose their own levels means that they are unrestricted in the amount of progress they are able to make. Children can push themselves on to greater achievement without fear of always being stuck in a particular group and at a particular expectation.  You may worry that the children would always choose the easy option however this tends not to be the case.  Year 4 are enjoying a greater freedom and relishing the challenge!




People who work in Year 4

The Learning pit - we are exploring why it's good to have challenges!

Learning through working together

Learning through working together 1
Learning through working together 2
Learning through working together 3
Learning through working together 4