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School Council

School Council


Today (14.11.16) we worked with Mrs Page and Mrs Williams to contribute ideas to the school mission statement.
We listed things that come to mind when we think of St Joseph's then went onto think about what our teachers want us to achieve and experience at school. Finally we worked on a logo and statement for the school.
It was a wonderful afternoon of work. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

This week (com 17.10.16) we met as a group to take our group photograph. We elected Toby as our School Council Secretary.
We spoke about setting a rota to check the suggestion box.

Meet the school council for 2016-2017

We held our whole school elections for positions on the school council on 30.9.16
I am pleased to announce that we have elected 11 members to the council.


Your representatives for the year are...

Picture 1 Charlotte - Y6
Picture 2 Jacob - Y6
Picture 3 Toby - Y6
Picture 4 Dior - Y5
Picture 5 Jack Neale - Y5
Picture 6 Harriet - Y4
Picture 7 George - Y4
Picture 8 Emma - Y3
Picture 9 Tommy - Y3
Picture 10 Evie E - Y2
Picture 11 Landon - Y2

School Council

Meet the school council for 2015-2016

We held our whole school elections for positions on the school council.
I am pleased to announce that we have elected 10 members to the council.

Your representatives for the year are...

Year 6:
Kitty & Will

Year 5:
Eleni & Oakley

Year 4:
Lucy & Tom

Year 3:
Kieran & Emily

Year 2:
Holly & Kobe


The School Council meet after school on a Friday once a month from 3.15 - 4.15pm. (Notes will be sent home to remind parents about this).

Roles of School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils.
The School Council gives children the chance to make their voices heard and be part of the wider school community.


We take responsibility for showing visitors around, take part in staff interviews and we took part in the Basic Skills assessment- the inspector was very impressed with us!

Activities and events

So far this year we have, tested and approved the school lunch menus and added suggestions.

We have taken part in our Basic Skills assessment, where we were awarded the Quality Mark.

We planned World Book Day, including quizzes, competitions and a Library Artwork project.

We are going to be continuing to work together to improve our Library throughout the year.

We are taking reponsibility for slelevting prayers for collective worship, using our 'Prayer board.'

We are selecting charities to send fundraising donations to.


Year 3
Lucy & Seth

Year 4
Dorothy & Oakley

Year 5
Jamie, Archie & Phoebe

Year 6
Ben, Jacob & Isobel

Watch this space to see what our council is working on this year!

We have been working on a book to use alongside the friend stop to try and encourage safe and appropriate play during lunch times.

We have carried out a questionnaire across the school to identify the issues arising at lunch times and the ideal activities that children would like to engage in during these times.

We are choosing new equipment to be used at lunchtimes.

We are also setting up our own School council display board in the library, we will use this board to keep the school updated with our activities.

We have also introduced a suggestion box where anyone in the school can share their ideas and suggestions with us.

We were responsible for approving the new hot dinners menu

School council 2013-2014

Picture 1 Christian & Sam
Picture 2 Lauren-Lilly & Emma
Picture 3 Rhiannon & Nieve
Picture 4 Oliver & Greg
Picture 5 Jack & Francis

We have been very busy on the school council this year....

So far we have joined up with the Eco comittee and a local councilor to take part in a poster campaign for preventing Dog fouling. We submitted these posters to the dog warden and some will be displayed around Burnham very soon so keep an eye out for our work in shops and businesses!



We have also been responsible for choosing and positioning 2 new pieces of equipment for the adventure playground. We tried to select equipment that would be appropriate for all ages so we hope you will all enjoy them when they arrive!

We have been responsible for running a bottle campaign with the Eco comittee, we are trying to collect as many 2litre plastic bottles as possible to build our own greenhouse as part of our efforts to improve our school environment.
So far we have collected approximately 600 bottles, but please keep them coming in as we have a way to go!!

This term we are going to be working with a local gardener to put together a plan for the renovation of the secret garden.

As well as this we will be putting together a scheme for helping children at lunchtime who have nobody to play with or giving groups ideas and activities that they can take part in during lunchtimes.