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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary School & Nursery

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Miss Bishop is our Teacher.


Mrs Crenol is our class Teaching Assistant, she works Tuesday-Friday.

Miss Cooper is also working with us this year and will be our class Teaching Assistant on a Monday. She also teaches us on Alternate Tuesday Mornings 10-12.10 and on a Friday afternoon 1.15-3.15.


Our topic in the Autumn term is Epic Explorers a History based topic!

Please have a look at our Topic Web to see an overview of some of the exciting things we will get up to!

This will be handed out on a Friday and is due back on Wednesdays. The homework will be linked to what the children have been learning about that week or will prepare them for what they are about to learn.

Spellings are also handed out on Fridays ready for a test the following Friday. Please make sure the children are practising their spellings every week. 


The children will be introduced to 'Times Table Rockstars' this year to practice times table fluency- please encourage your child to play on this app/website when possible.



Please try and read with your child 5 times a week, this can be for 10 minutes whilst they settle into bed! Please remember to sign your child's reading record so we know they have read! We will continue to change books daily!



The Autumn Term Presentation List went home on Tuesday 4th September. The presentation can be anything up to 10 minutes long and be about something of interest to your child. These presentations take the place of show and tell and are only in-front of the class. Please ensure your child is preparing their presentation with your help and not the other way around! 


Important dates...

5th November- School Pantomime PM

13th November - Parents' Evening.
14th November - Parents' Evening.
28th November Mass in church at 9.30.
11th December @ 2pm - KS1 Nativity Performance
12th December @ 10:15 am - KS1 Nativity Performance
14th December - Tea @ 2pm
19th December-Christmas School Dinner

14.12.18 Today we had a special visitor...

14.12.18 RE - I understand how advent is celebrated throughout the world and can create the French tradition of a Santon. Today we recreated Santons with Mr Powell and Mr Holman using dolly pegs!

10.12.18-12.12.18 KS1 Nativity 2018 'Away in a Manger'!

10.12.18-12.12.18 KS1 Nativity 2018 'Away in a Manger'! 1

30.11.18 Art- The children have completed their home made scratch art space pictures!

30.11.18 English- Writing for a purpose. I can read my story to R/1! Today we took our stories to reception/y1 and shared them with them! We had a lovely time sharing them!

30.11.18 English/DT- I can follow instructions to make a star biscuit! We had loads of fun this morning making star biscuits, we had to follow the instructions carefully!

26.11.18 RE- I can create an advent prayer and advent wish. Today we have drawn around our hands to create an advent wreath, inside we have written a Christmas wish. We have then created an advent prayer and turned them into prayer chains so we can say a prayer for advent each day!

23.11.18 Art- Part 2! I can create a calendar depicting the seasons. The children have today finished their calendars!

23.11.18 English- I can follow instructions to make a cheese and cucumber sandwich. Today we carefully followed Miss Bishop’s instructions to make a sandwich, we will take them home later!

16.11.18 Art- This week we have started our calendars! Here’s a sneak peek...

Anti Bullying Week (w.b 12.11.18)- This week we thought carefully about the impact unkind words can have. We used toothpaste to show that once unkind words go out they can’t be taken back.

9.11.18 Art- I can use oil pastels to create a solar system

9.11.18 DT Cooking- This morning we created poppy biscuits to remember those that died in the war! We used red icing, chocolate buttons and digestives to make them!

5.11.18 This afternoon we were really lucky because we had a visit from the Theatre Company! We enjoyed a performance of Robin Hood!

26.10.18 Art- I can use tissue paper to creatively design a tortoise like the ones Darwin found on the Galápagos Islands.

Congratulations Year 2! We have won the attendance bear for the 2nd week in a row! This means we have had the best attendance in the whole school!

 Congratulations Year 2! We have won the attendance bear for the 2nd week in a row! This means we have had the best attendance in the whole school! 1

19.10.18 Art- This afternoon we have made fossils using clay with Miss Cooper! Don’t they look fantastic!

19.10.18 English- I can act the story oh Hansel and Gretel using puppets. Today the children made puppets and acted out the story as part of a puppet show!

18.10.18 PE- Multi-skills! We have been practicing jumping, hopping, balancing, jogging & hula hooping

12.10.18 DT- I can create a set of binoculars. The children have all created thier own set of binoculars, you would never believe they were toilet rolls originally!

12.10.18 Art- I can create a sail boat picture. The children used their hands to create printed ship templates and added sails using paper to turn them into ships!

12.10.18 WOW DAY! Today we met Pedro, a shipmate of Christopher Columbus and had a half hour and an hours workshop! We danced, sang, dressed up, played games and learnt loads more about Columbus! We had a fantastic WOW Day full of fun!

12.10.18 DT/Art- I can design a hat that looks like the one Columbus wore. This morning we created Columbus inspired hats to wear for our WOW Day!

11.10.18 English- I can create a postcard. Watch this space for an exciting delivery!

5.10.18 Maths- I can use concrete resources to support my understanding of greater than, less than and equal to. Today we used the maths equipment to help us secure our understanding of greater than, less than and equal to! We were even allowed to use whiteboard pens to draw on the tables!

25.9.18 RE- I can act the story of Amos. Today we acted out the story of the Prophet Amos in snmall groups! Can you guess which characters we are from the story?

20.9.18 Maths- SUBITISING: I can say the number on the resource through subitising which is where I can tell the number quickly and accurately without the need to count. Miss Bishop felt we needed to practice this key skill before progressing. These are the resources we used today to help us subitise and use oental number knowledge to know which number it shows.

18.9.18 Maths- Using concrete resources to support our understanding of tens and ones as part of the part part whole model

17.9.18 History- Today we began learning about our first explorer Christopher Columbus. We played a game where we took it in turns to look at a picture and to say what we could see... We then made predictions as to who it could be.

14.9.18 Art/DT- Making Parrots! WOW look at the fantastic 3d parrots we have made in Art/DT with Miss Cooper!