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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School

Anti-Bullying Week 2023

Year 6- In Year 6 we looked at different scenarios and thought about what was happening, what could be perceived as happening and how we could deal with it.

Reception class - with Mrs Lovibond-Stephens we talked about anti-bullying week. We talked about who our trusted adults were. If we ever feel we need to ask for help then we need to remember to speak to them. To celebrate we coloured in our odd socks using brightly coloured pens, here are just a few of our finished designs!

Today we have been celebrating "Odd socks Day". This years theme is "Make a noise about Bullying!.

"There is a difference between bullying and banter but if banter makes you upset, it's not ok" (Elsie)

"If you think you are being bullied, tell a trusted adult" (Molly)

"If someone is making you feel small - speak up" (Oscar) 

"Stick up for yourself and share your worry with an adult" (Leo) 

"Stick up for yourselft and tell a trusted adult" (Emma) 

"Never bully, it's not the answer" (Arianna) 

"Say Stop if you don't like something" (Elsie-Rose)