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Cafod Club / Prayer Group

Welcome to our CAFOD Club!!

In our meeting today we were joined by Jane Hannis (a member of our parish community) who is going to be helping us with our Cafod Club. Mrs Suik and Jane asked us about what we would like to achieve through our club and we came up with lots of ideas about how we can support prayer in our school and others around the world. 

We also had a go at the CAFOD quiz to see if we were CAFOD experts!!

We have been thinking about leadership and how we can be good "leaders of prayer" using the Cafod resources

As we think about All Saints day this week (WB30th October) in our Cafod club we have been exploring different Saints!

We used the CAFOD Saints cards to help us with our research - this one is all about St Oscar Romero

These are our All Saints prayers

In Cafod club we looked further into what CAFOD helps with in the world, for example Cafod help provide food, medical supplies and homes (and toilets) for those who are struggling. We wrote a prayer to ask for support and help. (Millie and Ava)

Today at Prayer group (14.11.23) we said the Rosary with Jane. We thought of Mary by saying the Hail Mary and then the Glory Be. During this we thought of Mary on her journey, our mothers and fathers, our siblings and people we want to protect. Then we wrote our own prayers to thank God for the things we have.

Prayer Group 21.11.23

Prayer Group 28.11.23 - today we led some activities in the prayer garden based on Christ the King Sunday

We showed Father Paul our Prayer group book and showed him our Prayer Cubes and Tea Spoon Prayers!



27.2.24 and 5.3.24


Year of Prayer 2024 - our ideas

Some of our Prayer group have set up their own Easter activity this week in the prayer garden!

Our prayer group were helping our younger pupils to learn the Hail Mary today - "we had jigsaws of the Hail Mary that they had to put together in the right order"