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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School

Pupil Led Celebration of the Word

Please see below some examples of the children at St Joseph's leading their class Celebration of the Word!


After each COTW, we take time to reflect using questions such as:

  • How did the prayer make you feel?
  • What did the prayer make you think about?
  • What did you enjoy during the prayer?

  • What will you remember about the prayer?

Year 3 Celebration of the word

This term (Term 3) we are using the Galilee to Jerusalem resources for our pupil led Celebration of the word. 

Year 6 Pupil Led Celebration of the word.

We thought that using the Rosary was a good way to remind the class about the prayers we should know - they really enjoyed using them. Next time we would invite more children to lead different parts of the Rosary (Charlie and Ava)

Pupil Led Celebration of the Word in Mrs Williams class (Reception / Year 1)

Wednesday 18th October 2023 - Parents were invited to join us in our class liturgy!

On Wednesdays we lead liturgy in our own classes. We enjoy planning what we will do and the resources are really helpful (Cam and Ava). 

What do you enjoy about leading liturgy?

Why is it a special time for us? 

  • It makes everyone come closer to God and gives us time to think about God (Isla)
  • I like to lead the liturgy as it shows we care about praying, it is a special time because you can stand and talk about how much God gives us and it gives us time to think (Ava)
  • I can everyone about God and give them time to be calm and talk to him (William)