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PHSE (including RSE)

16/11/23 Anti-Bullying Week - This week we have been celebrating our differences in anti-bullying week. We are all unique and different for lots of reasons. We should respect one another and not tolerate people being unkind to us. Today we though about our differences as we decorated coloured socks with different patterns.

ROAD SAFETY VISITS 23/04/23 - Today we had a visit from the 'County Road Safety Team'! Our teacher Andy talked to us about how to stay safe on the roads.

Anti Bullying week at St Joseph's 2022

Our odd socks show that we need to remember that everyone is special and unique!

Reception - in Reception we have talked about who our trusted adults are. So that if we are worried we know who we can talk to. We enjoyed designing some of our very own odds socks to celebrate that we are all different!

The Year 1/2 children have been thinking about the people we would speak to if we were feeling worried or upset about something. We drew pictures of these people in small bubbles around a large picture of our self!

In Year 2 we have been taking part in a variety of activities for anti-bullying week. We have carefully coloured 'Reach Out' posters and odd socks, thought about our trusted adults, taken part in a word-search and painted our own odd socks! We will be wearing odd socks on Friday too!

On Friday we will be wearing odd socks to school to celebrate the fact that we are all unique and different. Year 4 designed these socks to remind us that we are all special and that God loves us in our differences.

In Year 6 we have been discussing the importance and values of our Anti-Bullying theme and what it looks like in school.