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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School


A beautiful Crowning of Mary service today led by our Chaplains (20.5.24)

Our Year 4 Chaplains led our Ascension celebration of the word with Father Paul

19th and 26th April 2024 - Planning for Celebration of the Word, completing a Catholic Life Learning Walk, Thinking about the Year of Prayer and planning for the month of May and our Lady

22.3.24 Today we delivered our Lent reconciliation service. Father Paul joined us to explain what reconcilation means

The Chaplaincy Team in Y6 worked with the rest of their class to lead our charities afternoon supporting the Emmaus Project. All our challenges were water themed and we raised over £170!

Fr Paul worked with the Chaplains today to plan out which Saints Day are coming up - we worked together to prepare information which we can share with the rest of the school! Our next Saints Day are: St Brigid (1st Feb Isla), St Bakhita (8th Feb Millie), Our Lday of Lourdes (11th Feb Sanae), St Valentine (14th Feb, William)

Our Chaplains are supporting the prayer life of the school by writing our weekly prayer (thinking of those in our global community), checking our prayer areas and recognising those who have shown the school values and CST principles!

Questions for the Chaplaincy Team - January 2024 

What is your role as a Chaplain and what difference are you making? 

  • We are influenced by God’s footprint and asked to follow Jesus’s footsteps (Ruby) 

  • We encourage others to follow the examples in the Gospel (Alex) 

  • We show that we respect Jesus and are role models for others (Sanae) 

  • We use our previous experience of Chaplaincy to support others 

  • We show that we follow God by helping others (William) 

  • We lead by example and help others who might be new to school or new to Chaplaincy  

  • We help the younger children to pray 

  • We support the Gospel celebration of the word on Monday’s (Isla) 

  • We write the certificates for values and Catholic Social teaching 

  • We promote our weekly mission / going forth  

  • We check the prayer areas  

  • We take on roles in church  

*Exciting News! 

As a result of the Chaplaincy team sharing their action plan with the Parish, we have just received a check for £350 to support their work! 

Father Paul came in to see us and we showed him our Chaplaincy book and talked about what we have been doing. He gave us some really good ideas about how the Chaplaincy team can extend their work including preparing some presentations about Saints! We look forward to seeing Father Paul again when he visits us on a Wednesday!

Our Chaplaincy weekly tasks - this is what we have agreed our team will so each week to lead and support the prayer life of the school

5.1.24 Today we have been planning our presentation on Catholic Social Teaching to deliver to the rest of the school. We used the CAFOD resources and the song to help us learn more!

Chaplaincy Update December 2023

Dear St Joseph's - Just to let you know the donation weighed in at a magnificent 122.92 kg As always we really appreciate the wonderful support from St Joseph's and the Church. Please pass on our grateful thanks to all involved in supporting our Foodbank. Wishing you a very "Happy Christmas" Best wishes Maxine Highbridge Area Foodbank

Our class Chaplains delivered an amazing performance full of singing, jokes and dancing to the members of the parish who attended Tea at 2 today!

We joined with the prayer group today to help complete our mission to make Christmas cards to deliver to those in our local community that might be lonely at Christmas.

The Chaplaincy team delivered our special Advent reflection service today (4.12.23), we were pleased that Fr Paul could join us!

Father Paul led our special service today to officially welcome our Chaplaincy team into their roles!

As a school, we have invited Father Paul to lead our celebration of welcoming our new Chaplians into the Chaplaincy community. Father Paul has gladly blessed us and we have refleced on his prayers and are grateful Father was able to attend. Us Chaplains are excited to have our new Year 3 Chaplains, Arlo and Victoria hlep us with our action plan and mission. (Sanae Y5 Chaplain). 

Today we took our Chaplaincy action plan to "Tea at 2" with the parish. We showed them our plan and asked them how they could help us to achieve our plan! Father Paul helped us too!

We have written prayers for Remembrance which other children can use in the prayer garden!

Thank you cards for those who have helped us! Mary Nicholson kindly presented us with a new Lectionary and Mrs Suik has made us all new cloths for our RE displays

Letter to parents from the Chaplaincy team!

Dear Parents and Carers (3.10.23)

The Chaplaincy team at St Joseph’s would like to inform you about their new action plan. You can find this on the Chaplaincy section of our website!

On our action plan we have made lots of exciting decisions and one of them is to continue to support our local community by donating to the foodbank.

We would like you to help us provide food for others in our community that don’t always have enough. Any donations are highly appreciated and just one item can make a big difference.

From Monday 9th October the food donation box will be out on the playground before and after school to collect donations.

The foodbank is particularly looking for the following items:

Pasta sauces, small jars of coffee, tea bags, tinned fish, tinned spaghetti, deodorants (male / female) 

The Chaplains would like to thank you for your support with this!

Chaplaincy 2023/24

At St Joseph's we believe that every child who wants to be a Chaplaincy member should be given the opportunity to do so! Each year we ask the KS2 children to apply to be a Chaplain and give reasons why they would like to be involved. These are some of the things they said:

"I would represent the school with pride and spread the word of Jesus and use our school values" (Elouise) 

"I want to help the school with Stewardship and make the school a better place" (Ethan) 

"I really want to get a stronger bond with God and be more connected to him" (Anya) 

I want to help support the foodbank and help in liturgies as part of the Chaplaincy team" (Amelia) 

"I want to support the community" (Jude) 

"I want to help the school as much as I can" (Alfie)


Each class has their Chaplaincy team; those who represent them as a whole school Chaplain and those who help as a class Chaplain!

Chaplaincy Delivery of School and Parish donations: today we delivered donations totalling 150kg to our local foodbank. Our donation surpassed local supermarkets and was taken with great gratitude for supporting those who are in need living locally.

Chaplaincy Update February 2023

Chaplaincy have had a busy half-term. Firstly, they have been attending Tea at 2 with the local parishioners as part of strengthening our presence in the community. As well as this, Chaplaincy have participated in whole school weekly worships by leading prayers, reflections and readings. Within class the Chaplains have strengthened our mission by helping KS1 classes deliver Liturgical Prayers. 


The Chaplaincy team are keen to continue to support our local Foodbank and reach our target of 1 tonne of donations by the end of the school year. At last count we were just shy of 1/2 tonne. The donation box will be accessible in the playground before the start of the school day. Many thanks, your Chaplaincy Team.

St Joseph’s and the parishioners at Our Lady & The English Martyrs' Church have been collecting donations since late November. The St Joseph’s Chaplaincy Team have communicated with parent’s through the school emailing system about donating what they can at this lovely yet for some a daunting time of year with the cost of living crisis. One of the goals for helping in the community this year is to collect a tonnes worth of donations to deliver to the local foodbank (The Trussel Trust). We know the hard work that has gone into this from everyone involved will help make a happier Christmas for vulnerable families.

Cream Tea morning with our parishioners. Today our Chaplaincy and Prayer group led a Carol Service for our parishioners and we shared what we're doing in school whilst eating a spot of cake.

Remembrance reflection - the Chaplains organised for children across the school to share their prayers and thoughts for others on remembrance day

Tea at 2: 5th Year Anniversary. The Chaplains were kindly invited and we shared our thanks with a card and balloons! The children also shared our plans for the year including our charity work and how we are strengthening our links with the parish.

Our Chaplaincy Pupils!

Chaplaincy Commissioning and Training November 2022

Our Harvest collection (October 2022) for the Foodbank - we were able to donate enough food to prepare 360 meals for families in our community