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French - Intent, implementation and impact.

French - progression in oracy and literacy

What will your children learn from this PlanIt KS2 French scheme?

This KS2 French scheme of work covers four fantastic units: 

  • Let’s Visit a French Town

By the end of this unit your children will be able to talk about the various places in a town, give helpful directions and speak about maths and numbers. Your children will also gain a better understanding for grammatical structures and features of the French language.

  • Let’s Go Shopping

This KS2 French unit will teach your children key vocabulary and phrases to do with shopping, colours and clothes. They will also gain a deeper understanding for French culture by acting out a shopping role-play activity. 

  • This is France

One major benefit of learning a language is being able to appreciate different cultures and countries. So, with this unit your children will be able to put their KS2 French to good use as they learn about France’s capital city, French landmarks and French people. They will also be able to talk about their own country and nationality in French.

  • All in a Day

This unit is all to do with telling the time and talking about what you do during the day. Children will learn how to read a timetable in French and discuss their school schedule.


These 4 themes are split into 6 topics in years 3-5 and 4 topics in year 6.

Year 3 French Topics

Year 4 French Topics

Year 5 French Topics

Year 6 French Topics