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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary School & Nursery

Autumn Term

20.9.19 KS1 WOW Morning! This morning we had a wonderful morning playing with old toys, dressing up as Victorian children and making Thau,strophes! Thank you Sharon from the museum service for bringing these exciting old toys in for us,

18.9.19 Maths- Today we took our learning outside and partitioned tens and ones using part-part-whole models drawn in chalks!

18.9.19 RE- This afternoon we acted out and retold the story of Amos! Can you spot the different characters?

13.9.19 Art- Today we made a toy that the children of the past played with called a Thaumatrope!

12.9.19 Today we had a visit from a big blue baby whale! This was bought in in celebration for the kite festival this weekend!

6.9.19 Art- This afternoon we created our very own puzzles! We had our fine motor cutting skills tested because we had to try and cut them out!