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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School

Autumn Term

7.12.21- English! Today we took part in the Great St Jospeh's Bake off and made biscuits! We will now write instructions for how to make them!

24.11.21 English- Today we were listeners! We listened carefully to Miss Bishop's instructions to make jam sandwiches!

18.11.21 English- Today we went to the postbox and posted our postcards home!

11.11.21 Science- This afternoon we looked at absorbant materials! We did a little experiment to see which materials were absorbant and which were not!

15.10.21 Art- Today we made clay tortoises based on those Darwin found on the Galapagos Islands!

8.10.21 Art- Binoculars! Today we made our own binoculars!

30.9.21 Science- This afternoon we were investigating materials that bend, squash, twist and stretch! We thought carefully about what this actually meant and then tested materials and thought about why!

24.9.21- Art! Today we made 3d parrots! We thought carefully about the design to replicate a real parrot!

21.9.21- WOW Day! Pedro came to visit us from Columbus' ship!

21.9.21- Christopher Columbus inspired hats!