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Welcome to the Nursery


Please click on the star below to watch the videos of our Nursery Staff welcoming you!

Welcome to Nursery - Slideshow for New Nursery Children starting September 2020

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Below is a photograph of the things you will need your child to have at Nursery. Please can you make sure they are clearly labelled on the outside as shown in the photo. They will need:

A lunch box if not having hot meals.

A drinks bottle

A small bag with spare clothes,

A coat as we go out everyday whatever the weather (hats, scarves and gloves in the Winter),

A pair of welly boots.

Picture 1

Hi Everyone,


We have had a wonderful week learning about sea creatures and the seaside. We have started to make a fantastic display in our classroom with a huge octopus and seaside words. We have shared many stories about sea creatures , pirates and the Lighthouse Keeper as well as carriying out some maths linked to the story, 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. See photos below for the large chalk sea creatures we made on the playground.


We are carrying on with our sea themed topic next week. We are planning on making handprint fish. Please see plans below if you would like to use these at home.

Picture 1 Chalking Sea creatures
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the hot weather! We have made some fantastic symmetrical rainbow butterflies at school this week that are now hanging up everywhere! We also had a lovely welly walk in the shade of the Forest School this morning collecting as many natural objects as we could count. See photos below.


Next week we are moving on to a topic about the seaside. I have attached the plans and some resource sheets as well. Have fun and maybe take a visit to the beach.

Picture 1 Counting natural objects
Picture 2 Looking for objects to count in Forest School
Picture 3 Counting beyond 20
Picture 4 Counting to 10
Picture 5


Hi Everyone,


I hope you had fun carrying out some of the plans around caterpillars and butterflies. We have been working very hard at school and have made a lovely display. I will put some photos below. Today we did our first welly walk looking for bugs in Forest School and the children were great detectives finding many! See photos below.


I have put a copy of next weeks planning feel free to have a look and try out some of the things we will be doing in Nursery.

Picture 1 We have been designing our own butterfly patterns.
Picture 2 We have been working on simple addition sentences.
Picture 3 Look at our wonderful display!
Picture 1 Welly Walk bug hunt.
Picture 2 We found lots of snails.
Picture 3 We looked very carefully.
Picture 4 Whats under here?
Picture 5 Look what I found!


I hope you all had a good weekend. We have had a busy day in Nursery today finding out lots about the life cycle of a butterfly. I have attached the worksheets we are using this week. The caterpillar and butterfly sheets we are just using for free colouring. The addition sheet I am working on one to one with the children to check their counting and number knowledge. I am encouraging the children to write or trace the answer numbers.


If you would like something to watch on cbeebies there is an, 'Andy's Wild Adventure' about Monarch butterflies. There is also a, 'Bing' episode about a Butterfly.


Have a good week!


Hi Everyone,

We have had another productive week in Nursery the children have been making Mr and Mrs Potato Head pictures which we have displayed outside. We have also started to make Father's Day cards something you may like to do at home. We have just coloured a picture we thought our Dad's would like most children said their Dad's like to BBQ!


From next week until the end of term we are now following our formal planning so I have attached a copy of this if you look under the column, 'Adult directed' this will show you the key activities we will work on one to one or in small groups. We try to use lots of practical resources so feel free to use the things you have at home. If we do use any worksheets or templates I will upload them. Again please send through any of the activities you carry out on Tapestry.


Have a good week smiley

Mrs Lovibond-Stephens- Class Teacher

Mrs Lovibond-Stephens- Class Teacher 1 Mrs Lovibond-Stephens Class Teacher

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have had a fun week. I have received some excellent videos on Tapestry very impressed with the number work I have been sent in. The Nursery has now been open for a week and things have gone very smoothly. The children have been really happy and superb at washing their hands and playing safely. In the NurseryTthis week we have been painting some rainbows on the door I have put some photos to show you as you may like to do this at home. We have also shared lots of stories. In story time we have been looking at the characters and what is happening in the story something you may wish to do at home also.


For those of you with a place at school we are working on putting the transition documents together and will be in touch shortly with this information.


Next week in the Nursery we are going to be looking at length and finding things around the environment that are shorter or longer so maybe you could give this a try I look forward to seeing what you find!

There are a few resource ideas below:

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the fantastic weather. The Nursery staff have been very busy tidying and cleaning the Nursery ready for it to open again tomorrow The next week we will be focusing on settling the children that are coming back. However if you are still at home maybe you would like to do some of the same activities as us.


In Communication and Language we will be talking about the things we have been doing at home and drawing pictures. Remember you can send your pictures in on Tapestry.


In Maths we will be checking through our counting to 20 and looking at numbers 1-10 out of sequence. We may also ant tempt some number formation maybe with water paint or large chalks.


For the next two weeks we will not have a structured planning format however once we are settled with our new routines we will endeavour to go back to following a weekly Early Years planning time table. I will make these available on my webpage and you can pick and choose what you would like to do at home. Most activities we carry out at Nursery are practical and not work sheet based so you should find it fairly easy to find the resources needed.


Nursery Children, here is a little video - we hope you like it!


Stay Safe and Keep Smiling!

Hello Nursery Children

Still image for this video

Hi Everyone,


I hope you have had a good week. I am in school today trying to work out a safe return plan quite a tricky task! However more information will come out next week. It would be lovely to see you all soon.


I have attached some PE type games that are simple but fun for you to try out in the sun over the next few days!smiley


Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a good weekend. I have uploaded a wonderful colouring sheet with a rainbow and our Nursery name sent to me by Fynley's mum in case you haven't seen it on the Facebook group. I also was going to suggest that the children have a look a symmetry this week something we normally do at this time of year. We often make symmetrical butterflies by folding painted paper to repeat the pattern but you could do anything. Maybe just use chalk outside or even make a symmetrical dinner plate just have some fun!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoy taking part in some celebrations for VE Day. I have uploaded 2 activities to get us started next week. A Mr Potato Head sheet and a missing number activity. You could even design your own Super Potato. Have fun I will add some more activities later next week.

Hello Again!


Hope you are all well and surviving! Its a little harder with the change in weather!

This week I have loaded a PE monthly idea timetable. We also have a number Octopus you can make. Mrs Cook kindly made one which we have photographed for you to have a look at. You can make as many tentacles as you wish and attempt to add some counting dots on them and maybe the numbers at the bottom.


I have also uploaded 4 photos of some story book characters. I thought that the children could make up a story about one of or several of the characters. They can either just explain their story to you or put on a little show about the character. Alternatively they could draw pictures about the story or even invent their own character.Don't forget to upload your inventions onto Tapestry or email them to me.


Have fun!

Mrs Lovibond-Stephens

Hi Everyone,

Hope you have had some fun practising your numbers this week. I have sent a video story to you all via Tapestry and am in the process of up loading one on this page. Don't forget there are many fantastic stories on  Cbeebies iplayer. I have attached 4 Scavenger hunts for you to try next week. They are quite detailed so you may want to break them down.


Remember if you want to send me any photos of things you have been doing you can via my email or Tapestry. I do look at all the Tapestry videos and make comments but I'm not sure if the comments can be seen.

Hi Children,

I hope you are getting on well with your number challenge it is such a nice day perhaps you could make some number sculptures outside using natural materials like leaves ☘️🌿🌼and pebbles or just house hold objects.


I am trying really hard to record a story to upload for you please bear with me I'm not so good at technology as you know!🤔

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a good Easter break and had a visit from the Easter Bunny!


I thought this week we could have a Maths focus. I have uploaded some work sheets looking at the numbers 1-5. If you can't print the worksheets don't worry you can still ask the children to practice forming the numbers on paper, or with chalk, paint. water paint, in the bath anywhere that's fun! I thought it would be good to focus on a number a day. Across the week maybe the children could do activities linked to their number of the day. So on day 1 the children could find 1 of a blue, yellow and green object on day 2 they could find 2 etc. You could also sing some number songs something we do a lot in Nursery I have attached a link to Some of the songs we sing  a lot are:

5 Little ducks, 3 Little Speckled Frogs, 5 fat sausages, 10 green bottles you can adapt as you like.


If your child is already quite able with numbers and can form them correctly when writing you could adapt numbers 1-5 and make it 11-15.


There are also a couple of Disney colouring sheets.


Please send in your activities to my email address or upload a video on Tapestry.


Take Care.


Mrs Lovibond-Stephens

Make a Rainbow using a toilet roll!

Easter Holiday Weeks wink


Hi Everyone,

It seems strange to say but we are now starting the Easter Holiday. I hope you are all staying safe and well and behaving for your Mums and Dads!


Over the next few weeks take time to have lots of fun hopefully playing in your garden in the sunshine. Hopefully the Easter Bunny will pay you a visit if you are extra good over the next week. I will put some more resources on when we finish the holiday I am planning a Maths focus for you to do. If you are a bit fed up over the Easter weeks maybe you could draw a picture of some Easter eggs with different patterns on or make an Easter treasure hunt. If you have the correct ingredients you could make yummy Easter nests.

Week 2 Home School

Hi everyone hope you are all ok we really miss seeing you. I hope you found the things on our class page useful. I have put a selection of new resources on there is a really good one about questions linked to Cbeebies stories as well as some colouring sheets and a recipe for apple cake! I'm sure you are following lots of on-line exercise videos but Mr Coggins one of our parents and a School Governor is putting regular PE vlogs on

I am in school three days a week covering Key Worker children. Please upload to Tapestry and I will look at the observations when I'm in. If you want to send any photos to my email or have any queries I will try to reply as soon as possible.
More ideas to try at home and lots of website links. Keep safe we are missing you all.


The children have been designing and planning how they were going to make clay dinosaur models. They used pipe cleaners, straws and googly eyes to make their models. The end results were so fantastic that the older children from Year's 2,4 and 6 came to see them.

Picture 1
Picture 2


This week we have been finding out about Chinese New Year. We have looked at many artefacts from China including, parasols, clothes, money and fans. We have also danced under an authentic dragon costume in PE and dressed up in Chinese clothes. We have also tried rice, noodles and prawn crackers for our snack.

Picture 1 Dressing up in Chinese costumes.
Picture 2 A parasol from Hong Kong.


This term we are focusing on a topic about Dinosaurs. We are in the process of designing our own dinosaurs on paper which we are going to make into clay models. We have also been reading lots of dinosaur stories and watching videos of dinosaurs.


Here are some photos of dinosaurs we created outside using chalk.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1 Making bird feeders using apples and peanut butter


This week we have had such fun creating our own firework art. We used chunky chalks outside to create large firework pictures. We also made a night time collage display for our classroom by throwing balls covered in paint at large black paper.

Picture 1 Chalking large fireworks
Picture 2 Making the longest firework
Picture 3 Firework chalking
Picture 4 Making a catherine wheel
Picture 1 Collecting as many leaves as we could find.
Picture 2 Making a leaf trail
Picture 3 Drawing what we could see.
Picture 1 Finding Autumn objects on Welly Walk
Picture 2 Drawing what we can see on our welly walk

British Values




This week we have finalised a set of class rules. After talking about how we think we should behave towards each other and how we should look after our classroom environment inside and outside we have set out our rules and have displayed them in the classroom to remind us.


This week we voted for our favourite cbeebies show to watch. Topsy and Tim came out favourite.