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Welcome to the Nursery


Please click on the star below to watch the videos of our Nursery Staff welcoming you!

Welcome to Nursery - Slideshow for New Nursery Children

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Below is a photograph of the things you will need your child to have at Nursery. Please can you make sure they are clearly labelled on the outside as shown in the photo. They will need:

A lunch box if not having hot meals.

A drinks bottle

A small bag with spare clothes,

A coat as we go out everyday whatever the weather (hats, scarves and gloves in the Winter),

A pair of welly boots.

Trip to Court Farm

Look at our fabulous garden. The flowers look spectacular and the lettuce is delicious carrots on the way soon, 🥕🌻🌼🌸🌺


We are having a very busy week with sports practise and transition to school visits. On our welly walks we are doing some revision looking for 2 D shapes. We have challenged ourselves to look for hexagons and octagons as well!


This week we have been hunting for hidden toy farm animals on our welly walks to help us think about the type of animals we might see on our trip to Court Farm. We have also been playing a game counting syllables in farm animal words as well as our own names. 
As it’s such a hot day today we gave the children a little ice pop treat to cool them down. 🥶💧❄️

Ice pop treat,


This week we have started our topic about the farm.We have been brainstorming what we know about farms but also thinking about what questions we would like to ask when we visit Court Farm.

We have also been practising writing our names. We have used the chunky chalks on the playground to do this We then painted over our names with water to repeat the pattern of the letters in our names.

Butterfly Release 🐛🦋 We have let the butterflies go they hatched out of their cocoons on Sunday and we didn’t want them to be stuck in the net.They have ventured off for an explore!

Butterfly release

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Jubilee Celebrations 

Fantastic Jubilee street party


This week we are continuing our seaside topic. We have been creating group pictures using a paint program on the computer of seaside scenes. On our welly walks we have been making 3D sculptures of sea creatures and boats using natural materials, tyres and old pallets.


This week we are carrying out an experiment to work out how to make a bulb light up to make a light for our model lighthouses. The children have been working in small groups and have been given a battery ,2 crocodile clip wires and a bulb. They have been given some support to help them work out how to make an electrical circuit connecting the battery to the bulb.


In PE we had great fun acting out ways to get to the seaside as well as learning our 3rd race for Sports Day.


On our welly walk we have been listening for sounds around different areas of our school environment.

Making electric circuit Lighthouses


This week we have continued to work on measuring. However we are looking at the capacity of bottles and are predicting how many small bottles will fill a large bottle.

On our Welly Walks we have been drawing sea creatures and objects linked to our seaside topic such as Lighthouses, using the chunky chalks.

We have also been talking about dental hygiene and watching video about how to look after our teeth well.

Drawing seaside chalk pictures


We are very excited as we had a delivery of some real live caterpillars last week. They have already grown a lot over the weekend.

This week we have started our topic about the seaside.We have read the story, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. We have made a pulley system like the one in the story and have been carrying some practical adding and subtracting.

On our welly walk we have continued our work on measure looking for the shortest and longest leaves, flowers and trees. 🐛🌳🍃🌷


I hope you all had a good holiday. We are back in full swing we are learning about the lifecycle of the butterfly this week. We have been watching videos and reading non-fiction books. We have also acted out the Very Hungry Caterpillar story using props and pictures.

We have been measuring this week.We have been measuring how tall we are using metre rulers and recording the results on our doors.

We have been on a scavenger hunt for Welly walk and started to practise for Sports Day in PE.

We were very excited to see that the radishes we planted have grown and we will now be taste tasting them!🐛👍🌶

Preparing for new seaside topic, Hungry Caterpillar work and our garden produce!


This week we are making yummy Easter 🐣 nest cakes to put in the baskets we decorated last week!

We also had a surprise on our welly walks left by the one and only Easter 🐰 Bunny!

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter Holiday.

Making Easter nests and going on an Easter Egg Hunt.


This week we are finding out about the celebration around, ‘Mother’s Day’

We have watched videos about how Mother’s Day is marked in different countries. The children are making special eco friendly presents for their Mums by collecting flowers and leaves on a welly walk then threading them onto a cardboard heart. The results look amazing I think we may have to go into the Floristry business!


This week we are focusing on shape awareness and recognition. We will be looking for shapes around the environment on our welly walks. We will be looking at the stem sentence, ‘Is it the same or different’. This morning the children have been independently creating many different models using   Shape equipment.

Finding shapes in our environment

Creating with shapes

Creating Mother’s Day heart gifts.