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Mrs Lovibond-Stephens- Class Teacher

Mrs Lovibond-Stephens- Class Teacher 1 Mrs Lovibond-Stephens Class Teacher


The children have been designing and planning how they were going to make clay dinosaur models. They used pipe cleaners, straws and googly eyes to make their models. The end results were so fantastic that the older children from Year's 2,4 and 6 came to see them.

Picture 1
Picture 2


This week we have been finding out about Chinese New Year. We have looked at many artefacts from China including, parasols, clothes, money and fans. We have also danced under an authentic dragon costume in PE and dressed up in Chinese clothes. We have also tried rice, noodles and prawn crackers for our snack.

Picture 1 Dressing up in Chinese costumes.
Picture 2 A parasol from Hong Kong.


This term we are focusing on a topic about Dinosaurs. We are in the process of designing our own dinosaurs on paper which we are going to make into clay models. We have also been reading lots of dinosaur stories and watching videos of dinosaurs.


Here are some photos of dinosaurs we created outside using chalk.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 1 Making bird feeders using apples and peanut butter


This week we have had such fun creating our own firework art. We used chunky chalks outside to create large firework pictures. We also made a night time collage display for our classroom by throwing balls covered in paint at large black paper.

Picture 1 Chalking large fireworks
Picture 2 Making the longest firework
Picture 3 Firework chalking
Picture 4 Making a catherine wheel
Picture 1 Collecting as many leaves as we could find.
Picture 2 Making a leaf trail
Picture 3 Drawing what we could see.
Picture 1 Finding Autumn objects on Welly Walk
Picture 2 Drawing what we can see on our welly walk

British Values




This week we have finalised a set of class rules. After talking about how we think we should behave towards each other and how we should look after our classroom environment inside and outside we have set out our rules and have displayed them in the classroom to remind us.


This week we voted for our favourite cbeebies show to watch. Topsy and Tim came out favourite.