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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School

Autumn Term


We are currently looking at the topic of 'Multiplication and Division', which is really helping to develop our Times Tables skills! We are using hundreds squares to find patterns between the 3, 6 and 9 times tables, and love using our problem solving and reasoning skills to push our understanding further. 




In English, we have are having a great time exploring voyage and return stories. We have found it so interesting to learn how to develop our fictional writing skills, using story maps, planning tools and prediction skills to improve our writing. We are particularly focusing on:


  • expanded noun phrases
  • the use of the third person
  • fronted adverbials
  • the use of accurate pronouns
  • impressive adjectives
  • a range of punctuation





In RE, we have been focusing on the topic of Prayers, Saints and Feasts. We have discovered what pilgrimages are, the many different reasons why people would wish to go on one, and how it can change you as a person. We have used our computing skills to research Lourdes, and have made our own leaflets about pilgrimages. We have also looked at St Teresa of Avila's prayer, and what it means for Catholics. 


We have used all of our learning to answer our big questions:


  1. Does going on a pilgrimage change you as a person?
  2. Do I need to go to a special place of pilgrimage to deepen my relationship with God?
  3. Why doesn't everyone who goes to Lourdes get healed?





We have had a brilliant time learning about The Romans and are loving discovering more about them each week. We have improved our geography skills by using maps to find out where they came from and the different places they conquered and have taken on the role as Julius Caesar, writing a letter to the Senate to convince them to invade Britannia. We have also explored the differences between the Roman and Celt soldiers, and how this contributed to the Roman Empire's victory over Britannia. Later on in the term, we will learn about Hadrian's Wall and Boudicca.



Christmas Dinner fun!

Romans Workshop 12.12.23 - we were delighted to have Clive Pig deliver an amazing play and workshop session about the Romans and the Celts, linking to our Autumn term topic. We had a great time and learnt so much!

RE Debate - 'Does going on a pilgrimage strengthen your relationship with God?'

DT - Making catapults, linking to our Topic work on the Romans

Science experiment- which drinks are good for our teeth? Images take by Elijah