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Dear Parents,


Welcome back! I hope you have enjoyed a short break from home schooling and have been able to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine!


Please find detailed below age related learning activities for the second half of the Summer Term.


There are a host of different activities available for your child but please feel free to do whatever you can and remember there is no pressure to complete everything!


As of Monday 1st June I will be in school teaching the Year 1 children (Monday-Thursday), however my emails will be covered by Miss Course and Mrs Orledge on these days who I am sure would love to see some of the work you have been doing.  

If you have any questions regarding any of the work being set or if you have specific work that you would like me to look at then I am available to respond to emails every Friday on the contact details below:


Keep smiling.


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Mr Fisher


Welcome to Mr Fisher's Class!


Below is some key information that you might find useful.


Our Spring Term Topic is

'Space Chase'


This is a Geography based topic. During this topic the children will study maps, arial photos and human and physical geography, making comparisons with other countries.


Our science work will look at how weather is affected by seasonal change. 


In History we will study Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong and take a look at how space travels has changed over the years.  


Our Autumn Term Topic was
'Toy Story'.


This was a History based topic. During this topic the children compared classic Victorian toys with the toys of today. They also studied the famous inventor Ole Christiansen who created lego!!


This will be handed out on a Friday and is due back in the following Friday at the very latest. Where possible, homework will link to work being covered in class.


Spellings are also handed out on a Friday ready for a test the following Friday. Please make sure the children are practising their spellings every week.


Reading Books

 I am encouraging the children to change reading books as regularly as possible. Please ensure you record any reading that takes place at home with a simple comment inside the small blue book (Reading Record). Finished books can be placed inside the classroom crate on a daily basis but they will not be changed unless the reading record has been written in.


Over the course of the term I will look to update this class page with all the different things that are going on in Year 1/2. 


Important dates...




PSHE - In Jigsaw this week the children have been looking at shared goals. We spent time mirroring each other actions and looked at the importance of working together/cooperating to achieve a goal.

PE - Year 2 children and a selected few Year 1's compete in the first round of the Sedgemoor Area Gymnastics competition!! A great effort by all concerned.

Art/DT - The children followed their designs and painted their clay aliens this afternoon!

Music - Today the children experimented with rhythm using a range of percussion instruments.

WORLD BOOK DAY - We made Clay aliens (Aliens Love Underpants), created a space Power Point (Space), joined paper bones to build up a skeleton (Funny bones), made books marks and created a 'selfie' picture of our favourite story character........... what a busy day!!!

English - The children imagined they were Neil Armstrong and created a recount plan detailing their voyage to the moon. They then used their plan to tell a friend all about their trip!!

Art - Today the children used the marbling inks to create a space galaxy or nebula. We were all amazed at how different each piece of work came out, despite using similar colours!

RE - Today had a visit from CAFOD who spoke to the children about different ways that that we can care for God's beautiful world.

Computing - Today the children wrote out their own algorithms for a partner to follow as they became 'Human Bee-Bots'. Great fun was had by all!!

Art - Today the children created some space pictures using the pastels before painting over the top with brusho!

Art - Peter Thorpe is an abstract artist who has created many pictures involving space and rockets. In Art this week we looked closely at some of his work and tried to copy his style. I'm sure you will agree the painting look great!

English - Today the children have been learning simple space poems and reciting them to the class. They had great fun adding in their own actions!

Music - This afternoon the children enjoyed adding percussion the the song 'Space, it's a Place'.

English - This afternoon, the children shared their stories they have written based on 'Teddy at the Fair' with the Year 6 Class - A great reason for writing!

Computing - Today the children used the ipads and the Bee-Bot program to learn all about programming.

Art - In Art we have been using red, blue and white paint to create an American flag in our own unique way!

Art - We made blow rockets as part of our WOW Day activities

Art - Constellations using sticky stars and pastels!

WOW DAY - Space Dome Visit

Art - Today the children used a range of materials to create their own planet Earth.

RE - Today the children made Christingles - Test your children on what the different parts of the Christingle represent (their knowledge is excellent).

Science - Today the children looked at a range of objects and made predictions........would they be magnetic or not?? We had great fun using the magnets to test our predictions.

R.E - Today the children have been drawing around their hands and colouring them green! They then cut out the templates and we used them to create the wreath on our Class Advent display.

English - Today the children walked up to and along the sea front. We were searching for ideas to use in our 'Teddy' stories that we will be planning and writing next week!

PE - Today the children were performing their gymnastic routines in an intra-class competition....... we have some very talented gymnasts in Year 1/2!!

Art - Today the children have been decorating a Victorian Dolls House using the water colour pencils.

PE - Today we have been learning how to do forward rolls and teddy bear rolls!

English - Today the children walked up to the post-box on Burnham High street and posted the postcards/letters they have been writing over the past few days. (The children had imagined they were Goldilocks and wrote a letter to the Three Bears saying sorry for causing so many problems in their house)!

This afternoon the children enjoyed a real treat as they watched a travelling theatre production of 'The Wizard of Oz'

PE (Gymnastics) - Today the children received their first of four gymnastics sessions with Mel Bax who is working throughout the school alongside the teachers in an effort to improve the quality of gymnastics teaching taking place in classes.

Art - Today the children have been colouring and cutting up a paper plate before using split pins to join the different parts together to make a moving car!

Art - Today the children made symmetrical coloured kites! They used pastels to decorate them along with straws and ribbons.

Maths - Today the Year 2 children have been counting groups of 2 and using cubes to help them with their counting.

English - Today the children worked with a partner. They had to construct and write down questions they wanted to ask characters from the story 'The Jolly Postman'.

Art - Today we used our sketching skills to draw teddy bear toys!

Computing - We have be using the ipads to practice our addition as we used the 'Hit the Button' program.

Maths - Today the Year 1 children have been learning to order objects and numbers while the Year 2 children have been comparing calculations using the equality signs.

English - Today the children have finished their instruction writing for making a biscuit and are ready to take home a laminated copy of their work to share with their family.

Science - Today the children have been using their senses to describe everyday toys using appropriate vocabulary.

Art - Today we made 'Woody Spoons' from Toys Story!!

English - Following instructions and making biscuits! Fantastic fun was had by all!!

Computing - In computing this term the children have been learning all about 'coding'. This afternoon we used the ipads and 'espresso' program to complete some 'coding' activities.

Kenyan Choir Visit - Today the school was treated to a visit from a Kenyan choir! The choir mesmerized the children of St Joseph's with a series of songs in the morning before joining the classes for lessons.

Maths - Today the Year 2 children have been using dienes apparatus to help them understand how tens and ones are used in a part-whole model

English - Today the children followed instructions and made their own jam sandwich!

History - Today the children have been learning all about Ole Christiansen, the man who invented 'Lego'. We had great fun creating our own lego models!

WOW DAY - Today the children had a visit for the Museum. They had great fun dressing up as Victorian children as well as playing with a range of Victorian toys. The children even got to look at an old Victorian zoetrope before making their own thaumatropes!

Maths - Today the Year 1 children have been practicing spelling the numbers one to ten.

Art - Today the children made jigsaw puzzles!

Baby Blue Whale visit - Today we had a special visit from a baby blue whale! The replica of the whale has been travelling around the local schools in Burnham as a promotion for the upcoming Kite Festival which is taking place on the beach at the weekend. The children were treated to an interesting talk all about whales.

Art - Today the children used cotton buds and paint to decorate the template of a bear!