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Mr Fisher


Welcome to Mr Fisher's Class!


This Year we will be supported by; Mrs Lock, Miss Cooper and  Mrs Crenol.


Below is some key information that you might find useful.


Our Autumn Term Topic is

'How am I making History?' 

 In our Topic lessons the children will …


- Develop an understanding of personal chronology.

- Learn more about my history.

- Explore how we remember events.

- Find out what childhood was like for our parents and grandparents.

- Compare childhood now with childhood in the past.

- Identify that some things change and some things stay the same.


Our science work will focus on 'Materials.


Year 1

The children will learn:   

- What material an object is made from.

- How to name everyday materials.

- How to describe the properties of materials.

- How to compare materials based on their physical properties.


Year 2

The children will learn:

- How to identify and compare the suitability of materials.

- How things move on different surfaces.

- How materials can be changes in shape by squashing, bending, twisting or stretching.


Children are encouraged to complete an activity from the bank of ideas below. Homework books will be collected in and marked every Friday. 


Spellings are also handed out on a Friday ready for a test the following Friday. Please make sure the children are practicing their spellings every week. 'Little and often' is definitely the best way for your child to learn how to spell new words.


Share a story journal

Every week on a Friday, one child from the class will bring home the 'Share a story journal'. This is a further opportunity for you to read with your child while enjoying a nice cup of 'hot chocolate' (provided by the school). If it is your turn to complete the journal, we ask that it is returned on the Monday so that teachers have a chance to look over any work that has been completed.    



PE will be on a Tuesday (Swimming for Year 2 and Multi-skills for Year 1). We will also have a second PE session on a Friday (Gymnastics). Please ensure your child has the correct kit (including daps or trainers that fit) as there is sometimes the opportunity to go outside. outside.


Reading Books

We are continuing to improve children's reading fluency and comprehension. Please continue to hear your child read as often as possible and use the question based bookmarks to support this process. We encourage children to change reading books as regularly as possible. Please ensure you record any reading that takes place at home with a simple comment inside the small blue book (Reading Record). Finished books can be placed inside the classroom crate on a daily basis but they will not be changed unless the reading record has been written in. 


Over the course of the term I will continue to update this class page with all the different things that are going on in Year 1/2. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me on the contact details below:


Best wishes

Mr Fisher smiley


NEW YEAR 2024-25

Art - Look at our finished Jungle fantasy pictures inspired by Henri Rousseau. We had great fun printing the background before adding in our tigers!

Maths - More Maths investigation fun!

Maths - Investigation fun!

Computing - Using the Chrome Books to search the internet for an animal picture (of choice). We then inserted the picture onto a blank document and wrote about it , changing the size and colour of the text we were working with.

English - Today the children retold their alternative version of The Three Billy Goat Gruff. They followed their new plans making changes to the characters and events that happen in the story!

Art - Jungle fantasy pictures inspired by Henri Rousseau.

RE - Today the children worked in groups of 3 and had to think of questions they would like to ask two of our Year 5 Altar Servers about the job they have to do in Mass. We were then joined by both the girls who wore their albs and took some time to answer some of the questions that each group had written.

Science - Planting our broad beans in jam jars full of tissue paper!

Art - African silhouette pictures!

Nationwide Money Visit! Today we had visitors from the Nationwide Building Society who talked to the children and ran a series of workshops educating them all about money, savings etc. The children had a brilliant time and were thoroughly engaged throughout the lessons.

English - Today we listened to the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and discussed key moments in the story.

Art - Practicing the skill of weaving!

Science - Today the children worked in small groups and noted down everything they have learnt in their Science topic this Half Term. For Year 1 it was the second part of their work on 'Animals including humans' and for Year 2 it was 'Living things and their habitats'.

Science - Over the past few weeks we have watched our tiny, baby caterpillars eat and grow bigger. We watched them attach themselves to the roof of the container they were being held in and spin their cocoons. Today, having emerged as butterflies we took the them into the school field and released them!

RE - Today the children enjoyed participating in the 'Crowning of Mary' celebrations out in our school field.

Science - Today the children explored the the local environment and tried to identify and name a variety of animals that they found. Some of the animals were very small and lived in micro habitats!

English - The children have been reading a book called 'The Story machine' which is all about a boy who can make up the most amazing stories based around pictures he draws. The children had complete freedom to draw their own pictures that told a story and today they followed their picture plan and told their story to a partner!

RE - Today we worked in small groups and thought of questions to ask Peter regarding the resurrection. We then had fun hot-seating each other and answered the questions as Peter!

PE - Tennis fun!

Art - This afternoon the children drew patterns, scratched the pattern onto to a foam square and used the paint and rollers to print the pattern!

Computing - This afternoon the children have been practicing their keyboard and word processing skills using the Chrome Books.

Year 1 Maths - Today the children used the dice to practice doubling numbers. The recorded their answers on the small white boards.

Humanities - What a great topic! Today the children worked in small groups noting down everything they have learnt this term about the topic of space. The group discussions were just brilliant and it was lovely to see all of the class sharing their knowledge and ideas.

RE - More great RE work linked to the topic of Lent.

Easter Bonnet Parade 2024!

Science - Today the children worked in small groups and jotted down everything they could remember learning about in Science this term. It was a great opportunity to draw together all the learning that has taken place in the last 12 weeks.

Art - Finished Easter Cards!

Year 2 RE - Today we worked in small groups and thought of questions we would like to ask about 'The Stations of the Cross'.

Year 1 RE - Acting out the story of of Palm Sunday.

DT - Today the children spent a little time evaluating the making process of our clay aliens.

St Joseph's Day Sale! The Year 6 children created some brilliant activities for the rest of the school to enjoy. The theme was water with the money raised from the afternoon going to a water based charity.

Art - Making our Easter cards!

World Book Day - To end our day of celebrations we had a visit from the Year 5 children who shared some of the stories they have been writing in class.

WORLD BOOK DAY 2024 - We had a Guided reading session with Mr Fisher, made Gingerbread men, wrote a book review about our favourite book, drew ‘character selfies’ on mobile phone templates and made some beautiful bookmarks. What a busy day!!

RE - Drama work linked to the story Zacchaeus.

Art - Painting our Clay Aliens the brightest colours you've ever seen!

English - British Library Webinar – Fairy Stories Thursday this week will see our school celebrate World Book Day! Today the children began the celebrations a little early as they watched a live webinar delivered by the authors Michael Rosen and Jasninder Bilan and the illustrator Allen Fatimaharan. They had great fun listening to the authors talking about books they had written. There was also time for the children to plan their own ideas for a story; they thought about the characters, setting and magical objects they would include!

Art - Today we had great fun making clay aliens!

Art - Line drawings of daffodils with a little paint!

Humanities - Today the children have been looking at 'Historic Legacy'. We have been learning about the first human into space (Yuri Gagarin) and how rockets and space suits have changed over time. As a warm up we worked with a partner to try and sequence some space suits and rockets from the oldest to most recent.

RE - The children have completed some brilliant work in our Revelation topic.

JIGSAW - We have been thinking about stretching our minds when we need to learn something new. In Class today we all drew around our hands, coloured them in and threaded them onto a huge stretchy elastic band. This reminded us that we need to stretch our minds when we are trying to learn something new.

RE - Today the Year 2 children have been thinking about the miracle stories that have covered during our 'Revelation' topic. They worked in small groups and wrote down questions that they would like to ask about the stories they have heard.

Art - Today the children created an astronaut face to lay on top of of their pastel pictures. They also created some more space pictures using chalk!

Computing - Safer Internet Week - To mark Safter Internet Week, the children were treated to a morning assembly from Mr Franklin all about staying safe while using the internet. Back in class the children spent some time looking at how technology has changed over the years, even decades. We looked at the changes with computers, phones, music and worked in groups to order pictures from oldest to most recent!

PE - Year 2 Gymnasts Finish Runners Up In Area Competition! A brilliant performance from our Year 2 Gymnasts this morning saw them finish the Key Steps Area Competition with a team silver medal! Performing a routine that has been practiced in Curriculum PE as well as in our after school club, the children were faultless under pressure as they performed in front of a judge and were scored accordingly. There were six schools competing (60 children in total) and the St Joseph's squad finished a remarkable second place! A special mention has to go to Alice, who also picked up a bronze medal as the third highest individual score of the day! GO TEAM ST JOSEPH'S!!!!

PE - Year 2 Gymnastics Club. Good numbers and with a few off sick as well!

English - In English we have been thinking all about recounts. In preparation for planning a recount of our weekend, we spent some time working with our talking partners, sharing what we did over the weekend!

PE - Dance - In Dance the children have been visiting an unusual planet each week. We have taken a trip to an alien infested planet where we moved liked aliens. Our second planet was a mirror planet where we mirrored each others movements. Today our new planet was a stretchy planet which pulled and stretched all our body parts in different directions! The children made some pretty amazing shapes on their own and with partners!

Music - This afternoon the children had great fun using the glockenspiels to play the tune to the chorus of a song we have been learning in Class. A loud lesson, but lots of fun!

English - NATIONAL STORYTELLING WEEK - Today, as part of National Storytelling Week, the children were treated to a live Zoom Webinar with the author Swapna Haddow. She spent some time talking about many of the animal characters she has come up with for her books. Once back in the classroom, the children had some fun designing their own animal characters. They drew pictures to illustrate an adventure they wanted their character to go before sharing their picture stories with a friend. A delightful way to spent the day!