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Mr Fisher


Welcome to Mr Fisher's Class!


Below is some key information that you might find useful.


Our Autumn Term Topic is

'On This Day ...'


This is a History based topic. During this topic the children will study 'The Great Fire Of London' and more locally 'The Great Burnham Storm' of 1981. We will learn about historic individuals such as Samuel Pepys, Florence Nightingale and Guy Fawkes .


Our science work will focus on materials; naming and describing materials as well as learning about their properties and why they are used for certain jobs. 


In Geography we will name and locate the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom as well as the seven continents and five oceans of the world. 


This will be handed out on a Friday and is due back in the following Friday at the very latest. Where possible, homework will link to work being covered in class.


Spellings are also handed out on a Friday ready for a test the following Friday. Please make sure the children are practising their spellings every week.


Reading Books

 I am encouraging the children to change reading books as regularly as possible. Please ensure you record any reading that takes place at home with a simple comment inside the small blue book (Reading Record). Finished books can be placed inside the classroom crate on a daily basis but they will not be changed unless the reading record has been written in. Any books that are taken back in will be quarantined before redistribution.


Over the course of the term I will look to update this class page with all the different things that are going on in Year 1/2. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me on the contact details below:


Best wishes

Mr Fisher smiley






Art - We made 'The Grinch' with our hand prints!!

Christmas Dinner!!!

RE - Today the children had great fun making Christingles.

Christmas Cooking!! Today the children had great fun making made marshmallow snowmen!

English - The children imagined they were Florence Nightingale working in the hospitals in Turkey during the war. They wrote letters home telling their parents all about the terrible conditions! Today we walked up to the post box to post our letters which will hopefully come through your letterbox in the next couple of days!

Science - Today the children investigated which material would be best for mending the hole in Mr Fisher's umbrella. We had great fun handling the different materials and testing them in our own pot of water. We all decided that cling film was the best choice because it is waterproof and could stretch over the hole!

English - Today the children were looking at using question marks. We worked with a partner to generate a set of questions we would like to ask 'The Lady of the Lamp' Florence Nightingale.

English - Having finished writing some brilliant instructions for washing our hands the children then stuck laminated copies of their work around the school giving real purpose to the writing they had done.

Art - We had great fun this afternoon making our Christmas Cards!

RE - In RE we drew around our hands and cut them out! Mr Fisher stuck them all together in a circle to create our very own 'Class Advent Wreath'.

Science - Today the children looked at 4 different materials for mending a hole in Mr Fisher's umbrella. They thought about the properties of each of the materials before recording their ideas on a sheet.

PE - Today the children had great fun taking part in our 'Cosmic Yoga' lesson in the hall.

Music - Today we started to learn how to play the first part of 'London's Burning' on the xylophones. A noisy but enjoyable activity!

History - Today the children have been thinking about the past and the people who died in World War 1 and 2. We looked at why we may see a poppy on 'Remembrance Day' before making a poppy of our own.

English - We discussed the use of 'Time Connectives' and 'Bossy Verbs' in instruction writing this morning before following Mr Fisher's instructions on how to sharpen a pencil.

Computing - We had loads of fun this morning using the ipads to complete some simple 'coding' activities taken from 'espresso'.

Art - This afternoon we created some brilliant firework pictures by scratching 'blobs' of brightly coloured paint across a black piece of paper. The results were very effective, especially after we added a little glitter!