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Mr Fisher


Welcome to Mr Fisher's Class!


Below is some key information that you might find useful.


Our Summer Term Topic is

'Epic Explorers'


This is a History and Geography based topic.

During this topic the children will study Christopher Columbus and Darwin.

They will talk about events beyond living memory, both nationally and globally.


In Geography we will be naming and locating the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world.

We will be using simple compass directions and locational language to describe features and routes on a map.  


Our science work will focus on materials; identifying and naming common and everyday materials as well as looking at how you can change the shape of materials based on physical properties. 


This will be handed out on a Friday and is due back in the following Friday at the very latest. Where possible, homework will link to work being covered in class.


Spellings are also handed out on a Friday ready for a test the following Friday. Please make sure the children are practising their spellings every week.



PE is currently on a  Monday (swimming for the Year 2 children) and  a Wednesday. Please ensure your child has the correct kit (including daps or trainers) on these days.


Reading Books

 I am encouraging the children to change reading books as regularly as possible. Please ensure you record any reading that takes place at home with a simple comment inside the small blue book (Reading Record). Finished books can be placed inside the classroom crate on a daily basis but they will not be changed unless the reading record has been written in. 


Over the course of the term I will look to update this class page with all the different things that are going on in Year 1/2. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me on the contact details below:


Best wishes

Mr Fisher smiley






English - Today we walked up to the post box in the center of Burnham and posted our Christopher Columbus post cards. Hopefully they should arrive at our houses in the next couple of days ready for our mums and dads to read.

Art - Painting our Galapagos clay tortoises.

Science - Testing for magnetic metal in the school playground

Science - Today we used the magnets! We had to predict if an object was magnetic or non-magnetic before testing it with our magnet and recording the result.

Art - We have been learning about the Epic Explorer Charles Darwin. Today we made a Galapagos Tortoise out of clay and one which we were able to cut out and stick together. Next week we will be painting our clay tortoises.

PE - The children have been working really hard learning their 'Key Steps' Gymnastic routines.

English - Today we worked with a partner to think of questions we'd like to ask Christopher Columbus about his time at sea. We then spent a few minutes at the end of the lesson reading out some of our questions to the rest of the class.

Art - We used blue paint and the sponges today to create an 'ocean' background. Next week we'll be adding a boat using a hand print!!

Year 1 Maths - Using the equality signs (often referred to as the crocodiles) to help us understand more/less greater/fewer than.

Art - Today we finished off our parrots adding eyes, a beak and feathers.

Maths - Today the children compared objects using language such as 'greater than' 'fewer than' and 'equal to'. The Year 1 children used the 'numicon' to support their understanding whereas the Year 2 used the 'dienes' apparatus as they were dealing with larger numbers.

Art - Today we made the bodies to our parrots. Next week we'll be adding the eyes, beak and feathers!!

Science - Today we handled a range of objects (pebbles, sandpaper, play dough and cotton wool). We had to think of different words to describe how each object felt and record our answers on a table.

Maths - Today the children used concrete resources to support their understanding of how to use place value charts.

Maths - Some of the Year 2 children used the dienes apparatus this morning to make up 2-digit numbers and understand how they are represented.

Art - Christopher Columbus 'Brusho' bottles! We used white wax crayons to create a background before painting on the 'brusho'! Next week we add the ship!!

First Day Carousel Fun!!

Art - Designing and making our own sunglasses!

Today the children searched the school grounds for the different plants that grow in our local environment. They were able to name a lot of the wild plants that we found.