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Mr Fisher


Welcome to Mr Fisher's Class!


Below is some key information that you might find useful.


Our Summer Term Topic is

'Where In The World' 

 In our Topic lessons the children will …

Locate and name the World's seven continents and five oceans.

Learn about significant individuals that contributed to flight.

Compare Burnham-on-Sea with Africa, noting similarities and differences, including weather patterns.

They will...

Recognise physical features and human features using pictures and maps.

Use directional language to navigate your way around a map.


Our science work will focus on 'Animals Including Humans' and 'Living things and their habitats.


Year 1

The children will learn ...

To identify and name a variety of common animals; fish, amphibians, birds and mammals.

To identify and name an variety of animals; carnivores, herbivores, omnivores.

Describe and compare the structure of common animals; fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


Year 2

To explore and compare the differences between things that are living, dead or have never been alive.

To describe how varying animals are suited to the habitats they live in.

To describe how animals and plants depend on each other.

To describe how animals obtain food from plants and other animals; Food chains etc. 


This will be handed out on a Friday and is due back in the following Friday at the very latest. Where possible, homework will link to work being covered in class.


Spellings are also handed out on a Friday ready for a test the following Friday. Please make sure the children are practising their spellings every week.



PE is currently on a  Monday (Tennis) and  a Wednesday (Athletics). Please ensure your child has the correct kit (including daps or trainers) on these days.


Reading Books

We are continuing to improve children's reading fluency and comprehension. Please continue to hear your child read as often as possible and use the question based bookmarks to support this process. We encourage children to change reading books as regularly as possible. Please ensure you record any reading that takes place at home with a simple comment inside the small blue book (Reading Record). Finished books can be placed inside the classroom crate on a daily basis but they will not be changed unless the reading record has been written in. 


Over the course of the term I will continue to update this class page with all the different things that are going on in Year 1/2. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me on the contact details below:


Best wishes

Mr Fisher smiley






English - Learning and performing lines from 'The Ugly Five' as a group.

Art - Pastel animal patterns from around the world.

Science - Today the children worked in small groups and wrote down what they could remember about last term's Science (Amimals, including Humans).

Topic (History/Geography) - Today the children worked in small groups and wrote down everything they had learnt this term linked to our Space topic..

English - Finding out interesting facts about the planets from reading texts.

RE - Palm Sunday fun!!

RE - Today the Year 6 children talked us through the different Stations of the Cross.

English - Space book research and reading

Planet Jigsaw fun!

English/Computing - Using the ipads and the internet to research/find answers to questions about the planets.

RE - Making our Palm Sunday leaves ready for our parade next week!!

English - Today the children worked in groups of three or four. They had to think of questions to aid research about a planet of their choice.

Computing - Using the ipads to research pictures that we could use in next week's 'information texts'.

Art - Painted clay aliens! We wrote down what we found hard during the making process and what we would change if we had to make them again.

Art - Finished daffodils!

Art - Painting our line drawings of daffodils using the powder paints.

Topic/DT - Clay Aliens before painting along with their designs!

Topic/Art - We designed aliens today and followed our designs making them out of clay and pipe cleaners. Next week we will be painting them!

RE - Today we decorated a blank cross with tissue paper ready to write down out Lent promises on the back.

Maths - This week the Year 2 children have been using the peg boards to investigate arrays and multiplication

WORLD BOOK DAY - Sharing our stories from home

WORLD BOOK DAY - Hot Chocolate Story

WORLD BOOK DAY - The Smartest Giant in Town Workshop

Computing - The children had fun this afternoon using the ipads and the program 'Hit The Button' where they were able to practice their number bonds and simple multiplication.

Art - Space pictures using wax pastels and painting over the top with brusho!!

History (Legacy) - Today we have been looking at Yuri Gagarin (the first human to travel into space) and Tim Peake (the first British astronaut to walk in space). We compared their space suits and rockets and looked at how things have changed over the years! The pictures show us working as a group to create a timeline of rockets and space suits from the earliest to the most recent.

Maths - The Year 2 children have been using the 'snap cubes' to help solve some problems linked to making equal groups.

English - Today we worked with our 'Talking Partners' to discuss some of the problems that Hansel and Gretel faced in the story. We had to think about how we could solve the problem using our imagination!

Safer Internet Day - Today the children spent time discussing the importance of staying safe online. We talked about how we should behave when online and the importance of keeping personal information, including passwords private.

Maths - Using concrete resources to support us in ordering groups of objects.

A well earned Friday Golden Time after a hard week of work - Well done everyone!

Art - Using the pastels to create a background for our space pictures!

English - We worked in groups of three and used stick puppets that we had made to present parts of the story 'Hansel and Gretel'. We had fun evaluating our own performance at the end of the session using smiley faces or unhappy faces!

Art - Today we looked at the artist Peter Thorpe. We tried to copy his style and create some rocket pictures of our own. We used printing for the background of our pictures and coloured the rockets using pastels to crate the foreground.

English - Today Mr Fisher read us the story of 'Hansel and Gretel' which many of us had never heard before. We spent time discussing different parts of the story as it was read to us.

Maths - Year 1 children using the Dienes to help them understand tens and ones.

Art - In Art we were asked to create 'the flag of the USA' reminding us that America was the first Country to put a man on the moon! Mr Fisher gave us a selection of materials; paint, tissue paper, felt tips etc. and it was up to us to create the flag!

History - Today we thought some more about our 'Key Figure' Neil Armstrong and his trip to the moon in Apollo 11. We thought about the different jobs people had in order to make the mission successful and noted our ideas down on a large piece of paper.

RE - Today we sequenced the story of 'The Good Samaritan' and used our pictures to help us retell the story to a partner.

PE - Space Dance - Today the children visited a stretchy planet in Dance and had a lot of fun creating some stretchy shapes on their own and with a partner