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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School

Summer Term



In English this term, we are exploring 'Brother Eagle, Sister Sky', based around the speech given by Chief Seattle when trying to protect his land from American settlers. We have explored the history of American Indians, as well as looking at how Susan Jeffers has changed it into free verse poetry. We have discussed how the fantastic illustrations brings the words to life, and by the end of this unit, we will be creating our own pieces of free verse poetry around an endangered animal. 


We are now looking at our final book of Year 4, called 'The Whale'. This book has really captured our interest as it has no words! We will explore the beautiful illustrations and will write our own story to go alongside them. 





We will be continuing our work around decimals, as well as exploring money and time later on in the term too. 





This term, our first focus will be Easter, jumping into the resurrection of Jesus, as well as looking at the Journey to Emmaus. We will be using a range of artwork to look at how the Gospel accounts are similar or different to each other, and will be creating our own too, using the Bible and a range of scripture as references. 





Our topic this term is India! Our learning will lead us to understand where India is on a map, what continent it is in and what oceans surround it, what the country's human and physical geography is like, where the rainforests are and what is inside of them, and what schools, houses and jobs are like in rural and urban India. We will also be comparing our two case studies - Bangalore and Chembakolli - to understand how two vastly different places can be found in the same country. 

Today the Deputy Mayor came into Year 4 to hear our wonderful presentation about our speed gun results. He was very impressed to hear us talk, and said that he will take our suggestions to the Town Council. How exciting!

Crowning of Mary Service - well done to our fabulous Chaplains who stood in front of the whole school and read so beautifully!

Mini Police - Today we went on to the main road with speed guns, to make sure everyone is driving safely around our school!

In art today, we learnt all about the Indian Elephant Festival that takes place each year. We explored their detailed designs, and then created our own. We stuffed them with newspaper to make them 3D, and created our own elephant parade!

PE - Today we developed our footwork, dodging and agility skills.

Mini Police - this week we learnt about crime and consequences, and the legal age of responsibility. At the end, we were lucky enough to look at the police van and motorbike, and even had the chance to 'drive' them ourselves - or sit in the back!

Cricket with Mr Irish!

English Poetry Performance - in groups, we used our prosody skills to learn a section of our English book, 'Brother Eagle, Sister Sky'. All the groups then came together to recite the whole book, using such beautiful expression, tone and fluency. It was amazing!

Ukulele playing - we are very lucky to have our very own Ukulele teacher come in on Wednesday afternoons to teach us how to play a new instrument. This week, we learnt how to strum, play a C cord and play an A minor cord. We then played a range of different songs including these cords!

Mini Police - today was our first mini police session! We had two PCSOs visit the classroom, where they gave us our own police uniforms. We learnt about the different roles within the police force and when we should and should not call 999. We cannot wait for our future sessions!