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Year 5

Hello Year 5! 

Hope you are all ok.

Below is a learning timetable explaining what you need to do each day to continue your schooling at home - the activities are in the labelled folders.  


Don’t worry if you can’t do everything, just try your best.

Good luck and have fun learning at home while you can't be with us in school.


If you have any problems please contact me on:

... between 9am and 3pm on school days.

Crime and Punihsment Homework Grid - pick an activity which interests you each week for homework. If you want to do two, go for it! Push yourself :)

MIni Police

MIni Police 1

Fantastic Math work in Year 5 exploring factors and common factors

Amazing dear diary entries performed in front of the class!!

Observing Change - Vinegar and bicarb of soda

Science experiment with Mrs Page - separating materials

Topic - Chocolate bar wrappers Willy Wonka would be jealous of.

Taunton Retreat Day.

English / Drama - Imitating Characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory