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Today we watched the ordination of the New Bishop Bosco who was appointed as the tenth Bishop of Clifton. We enjoyed looking for all of the different symbols eg, the ring, Mitre and Pastoral staff (Crozier). We also talked about the the 'Book of the Gospels' and the 'Cathedra' which is the raised throne like chair that the new Bishop sits on. We were very excited to spot a familiar face which was Fr Paul in amongst all of the priests!

WATCH THE ORDINATION OF BISHOP-ELECT BOSCO LIVE - 8th May 2024. Pope Francis appointed Bishop-Elect Bosco the Tenth Bishop of Clifton on 14th March 2024. His Episcopal Ordination will be on Wednesday 8th May at 12 noon. All of us at St Joseph's send our thoughts and prayers to our new Bishop and say thank you to Bishop Declan for his care and guidance.