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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School

Spring Term

Sketching and pastel work

Stations of the cross - the year 6 children talked us through the stations of the crossb

2.3.23 The Jolly Postman workshop

24.2.23 ESafety- Today we talked about 'what would you do?' We looked at lots of scenarios and discussed our next steps!

7.2.23 Safer Internet Day! Following Mr Franklin's Assembly we then played 'Ask a friend' to find out more about how our friends like to use the internet!

31.1.23- WOW Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole Morning with The Somerset Museum!

17.1.23- As a computer user, I understand how to stay safe online! Today we looked at characters from different Fairy-tales! We thought about solutions to their problems!

10.1.23- As a reader, I can speak clearly and broadcast my weather report!