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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School

Teams Shine in First Intra School Competition of the Year

The children of St Joseph's gathered today in the School Hall for a very special Whole School Assembly. Over the course of the last term our coloured teams have been competing against one another and registering a Standing Long Jump distance. Their distances have been added together (across the whole of the school) to find out which team has the highest overall average. Would it be St Matthew, St Mark, St Luke or St John?

I'm happy to announce that the overall winner this Term is

St John’s (The Green Team).

Congratulations goes out to all its members. The results have been engraved on 'The Walton Cup' which currently sits in the entrance to the school.

Final standings were as follows:

1St St John (Green) 1.29m
2nd St Mark (Blue) 1.24m
3rd St Luke (Red) 1.23m
4th St Matthew (Yellow) 1.22m

Class results were as follow:

Reception – St Luke (Red) 0.99m
Reception/Year 1 – St John (Green) 1.27m
Year 1/2 – St Mark (Blue) 1.20m
Year 2 – St Mark (Blue) 1.34m
Year 3 – St Mark (Blue) 1.32m
Year 4 – St John (Green) 1.44m
Year 5 – St John (Green) 1.57m
Year 6 – St Luke (Red) 1.51m

Individual longest jumpers in each class were:

Reception - Evie 1.26m / Charlie 1.22m / Phoebe 1.11m
Reception/Year 1 - Kobe 1.43m / Esmae 1.30m / William 1.24m
Year 1/2 - Hannah 1.54m / Jasmine 1.50m / Finbar 1.40m
Year 2 – George 1.54m / William 1.50m / Tymon 1.48m
Year 3 - Jack 1.61m / James 1.51m / Macy 1.47m
Year 4 - Frazer 1.90m / Halle 1.86m / Dorothy 1.64m
Year 5 - Isaac 1.84m / William 1.76 / Holly 1.74m
Year 6 - Ben 1.86 / Jacob 1.73 / Fiona 1.70