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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School


Today, a team of 24 children from St Joseph's travelled down the road to the 'Avenue Tennis Club' to compete in a tennis tournament against a number of other schools from around the area. The children from St Joseph's have been attending an after school club over the past few weeks and this was a great opportunity to put into practice all the different skills they have been taught!

The competition was quite simple! Teams were split into two separate pools with individuals playing 5 matches each and points being accumulated. At the end of the tournament, the top teams from each pool contested the final and I'm happy to say that on this occasion BOTH came from St Joseph's!!

Throughout the competition the children played with real passion and determination and it was lovely to see such good cooperation and sportsmanship on display in every game I was able to watch. A huge well done to everyone that took part in this competition - You were all brilliant!