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St Joseph'sCatholic Primary & Nursery School

Young Leader Training at St Joseph's

With age comes a certain level of responsibility and it was great to see all of our Year 5 children embracing the challenge today as they were trained as Playground Young Leaders! As I am sure you are aware the school has used part of the Sports Premium Funding issued by the government to invest in new playground markings which we hope will continue to promote healthy lifestyles across the school. The markings themselves are just brilliant; bright, vibrant and different! Today all of our Year 5 children were trained as Young Playground Leaders. A morning session was spend learning how to deliver and adapt activities on and around the markings. In the afternoon different classes were brought out giving the young leaders a chance to deliver all that they had been taught. I must say that the Young Leaders were just amazing and I look forward to seeing them in action at lunch times!